Diamond Education

Make choosing a diamond an informed, personal experience. Learn about the Crucial 4C’s & Beyond: Shapes, Settings and how to maximize on Beauty, Quality and Value.


Guarantee peace of mind. A complete guide to this critical component of your purchase. All Mazal diamonds & jewelry are certified!

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Size, shape, setting, budget. How to choose the Perfect Diamond Ring to seal your eternal love and commitment. We'll help you through the exciting process.

Precious Metals Guide

Learn about Platinum and Gold, the precious metals which support, style and complement your jewels

Jewelry Gift Guide

Say it best with Diamonds! Find and fit the ideal gift for every precious person and occasion.

History of Diamond mining part 2
Diamonds in War and Peace The ethereal quality of diamonds has been the reason for a lot of conflict around the world, especially in Africa. As people began to realize the qualities of diamonds, its importance and price soared up and demand for the precious gemstone led to illegal mining and smuggling of diamonds. Diamond Mining To Finance Wars ...read more
History of Diamond Mining part 1
Diamond Mining – Then and Now   Diamonds have captivated humans with their...read more
Top Biggest Diamond Mines in the world
The three Biggest Diamond Mines in the World The fascinating diamond industry has le...read more
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Diamond History & News

A treasury of fascinating facts and statistics about diamonds that we bet you didn’t know. Where were they first discovered? What is the carat weight of the largest diamond in the world? 7 countries account for 80% of the world's diamond supply, can you name them?

Diamond and Metal Care

Expert tips on how to retain the luster, sparkle and value of your diamonds & jewelry. Advice on professional cleaning as well as gentle and effective cleaning you can do at home.


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