• Diamond Certification versus Appraisal

    What You Need to Know Diamonds are magnificent; they sparkle with glamour and grace.  Each diamond is special, unique and its individual qualities determine its level of beauty, rarity and value.  So how do we know just how special our diamond is?  And how can we ensure, when purchasing a diamond, that we’re getting our […]

  • Top Diamond Certification Labs: HRD

    Diamond High Council Located in Belgium, the HRD is one of the top diamond grading labs in the world.  The official name is in Dutch, hence the title HRD –  Hoge Raad voor Diamant.  Translate that into English and it sounds quite fancy, the Diamond High Council. We would like to formally introduce you to […]

  • Top Diamond Certification Labs: IGI

    International Gemological Institute We would like to introduce you to the largest independent diamond certification laboratory in the world.  The IGI is one of the 3 labs that we use exclusively to certify our diamonds.  Every stone we sell is certified by one of the most respected diamond grading labs IGI, GIA or HRD. IGI […]

  • Top Diamond Certification Labs: GIA

    Gemological Institute of America We would like to introduce you to the GIA, one of the 3 labs that we use exclusively to certify our diamonds.  Every stone we sell is certified by one of the most respected independent grading labs: GIA, HRD or IGI. The GIA is arguably the most well known and respected […]

  • The Top 3 Diamond Grading Labs

    The Labs We Trust When you make the choice to purchase a diamond, you want to know that you’re getting exactly what you hoped (and paid) for.  Only highly qualified and reputable professionals can give you an unbiased assessment of your diamond.  That is why it’s so important to buy certified diamonds only!  At Mazal […]

  • Reading a Diamond Certificate

    What You Need to Know Official, detailed documents can be overwhelming!  Trying to make sense of the complicated words and confusing information can get the best of us wondering if it would be better to pretend we understand rather than to admit its gone right over our heads.  But don`t panic!   Here we aim to […]

  • Laser Inscription for Diamonds

    Invisible to the Naked Eye Diamonds are small and incredibly valuable.  Each diamond is one of a kind and individual, containing special characteristics.  However, to be able to identify each diamond, significant testing, grading and inspection is necessary to notice the tiny differences which identify each diamond as unique. To this end, Laser Inscription has […]

  • Diamond Loupes & Diamond Grading Tools

    Learn the Tools of the Trade The diamond certification process is a meticulous one with professional appraisers examining finished diamonds in minute detail.  Every aspect of the polished diamond is scrutinized, including the 4 c’s and beyond: diamond cut, diamond carat weight, diamond color and diamond clarity.  After an extensive evaluation a final comprehensive diamond […]

  • How to use a Diamond Jewelry Loupe

    Up Close and Personal with your Diamond Every diamond is special.  Sounds like a marketing gimmick from a diamond retailer right?  But it’s not.  No two diamonds are the same!  Even two diamonds of the exact same size, cut and dimensions will have internal or external flaws that make them unique. Ok, now that we’ve […]

  • Transforming Rough Diamonds into Polished Diamonds

    Unlocking the Fire & Brilliance Created in nature .. cut and polished by us.  There is only one quality of a diamond which we control, diamond cut.  Don’t confuse diamond cut with diamond shape, for example a round brilliant cut diamond.  The cut refers to how well the stone is cut, the qualities of the […]

  • The Jeweler’s Loupe – An Important Tool of the Trade

    Not Just for the Experts Of all the special tools used in the diamond and jewelry industry this might be the most recognizable.  A jeweler’s loupe, pronounced loop, is basically a fancy magnifying glass.  Loupes, sometimes referred to as hand lenses, are easy to use and have become an invaluable tool for jewelers as well […]