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The name gives this one away; a cluster setting refers to diamonds that are positioned close to each other in a cluster.  Are you thinking that it’s not really a setting then?  You are correct; a cluster setting is actually more of a style than a setting, although it’s still often referred to as a setting in its own right.

Cluster rings provide an altogether different look from the classic solitaire ring.  The rings are often bigger than average so that there is enough room to set all the diamonds.  The prong setting is the most common option for cluster rings because they leave plenty of space to set the diamonds close to each other.  Often shared prongs are used, having the same metal prongs hold one or more diamonds in place at the same time.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular used diamond shape as the round shape is the most useful for forming unique designs.  But, rules are made to be broken and so it’s possible to find cluster rings which use a variety of diamond settings and diamond shapes.

Ring Examples

If you’re looking for a cluster ring that has an engagement ring look, go for a ring with a central round brilliant cut diamond, like the Diamond Circle Ring with Polished Band shown on the right in pink gold.  The shared prong setting gives the illusion of one larger stone.  A fantastic option for a cluster engagement ring.

Fashion Rings

Cluster settings are perfect as diamond fashion rings, the use of small diamonds next to each other gives the option of a huge variety of designs and styles, ensuring that everyone will find something they love.  An example is this Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring, shown on the left, displaying 73 round brilliant cut diamonds.  Can you image, 73 diamonds, all hand selected and crafted in our factory.  Notice the beauty of the center heart with three larger diamonds surrounded by 14 smaller stones.  It should be obvious why cluster rings are loved so much, they are so unique, so unconventional and just so.. beautiful.

A More Affordable Option?

Cluster settings are a great choice if you’re looking for a unique ring with tons of sparkle, but there is another benefit; yes, cost.  Cluster settings can often be more affordable than other diamond rings.  Are you surprised?  Remember settings are only a small fraction of the cost of the ring; it’s the diamonds that are costly.  As the size of the diamond increases, the cost rises exponentially, simply because larger diamonds are very rare whereas there are an abundance of smaller diamonds.

A 1.00 carat (total weight) cluster engagement ring made up of many smaller stones would be considerably less expensive than a 1.00 carat solitaire engagement ring.  This holds true for an apples to apples comparison, or should we say diamonds to diamonds.  If the diamonds in both rings are of the same quality, then the 1.00 carat single stone ring would be more expensive.  (Learn more about the 4 C’s and how they affect price: diamond carat weightdiamond cutdiamond claritydiamond color)

Cluster Set Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a must for every fashion conscience woman.  A cluster setting for diamond studs gives you the option of putting a bit of your personality into your earring choice.  These Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings with Flower Design are earrings that you will want to wear everyday, no matter what you are doing.  A great way to spice up your stud collection.

Other Diamond Settings

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