Choosing the Best Color

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes and of course colors.  A traditional engagement ring will consist of a gold band and central diamond, but, that still leaves plenty of room for your own individuality.  A colored engagement ring can refer to either a colored central diamond or a colored gold band.  We’ll discuss both options below.

The Colors of Gold

Gold is not just yellow, it actually comes in many different colors.  For engagement rings the most common options are either white, yellow or pink gold bands.  So where do the different colors of gold come from?  You might ask.  There is no need to worry; whether or not you go for a white, yellow or rose gold band, the quantity of real gold will be exactly the same.  Let’s explain.  Pure gold, at 24 carats is too soft and malleable for making jewelry which means alloys must be used.  Gold jewelry is made with 18K gold, that’s 75% real gold, it’s the other 25% metal alloys that results in the different colored engagement rings.

Pink Gold Engagement Rings

Pink, a gorgeous feminine color is most appropriate for an engagement ring.  The warmth that emanates from this rich color will strike all who see it and the glowing pink hue adds additional allure to the diamonds that it holds.  Pink suits all skin tones and can be worn by anyone; its subtle color also ensures that it matches any other jewelry you decide to wear.  And of course, pink gold, also called rose gold is “real” gold, the pink color is a result of mixing gold with copper.  Check out the stunning pink gold ring shown here, a Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring Twisted Band Open Bezel Setting.  The bezel setting is a great choice for keeping your diamond safe.  It also looks so elegant and glamorous.

White Gold Engagement Rings

So, maybe white isn’t a true color when you’re talking about colored engagement rings.  However, its virtues must be mentioned.  The white hue that radiates from the white gold is great for accentuating colorless diamonds.  Plus, the silver and palladium, the alloys added to achieve the white color make the gold harder, durable and almost scratch resistant.  Check out the dazzling Channel Set Solitaire Diamond Ring in 4 Prong Setting, shown here, notice how well the colorless diamonds blend in with the white color.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow rings definitely give the “real gold” appearance.  Actually, the yellow color is a result of copper and zinc which means that the color is a lot shinier than pure yellow gold.  A great benefit of yellow gold colored engagement rings is that yellow rings won’t dull over time, they’re great for retaining their color.  Check out the Six Prong Engagement Ring with Twisting Trellis Setting, a truly beautiful ring, shown here in yellow gold, notice how the yellowy color is just so rich and attractive, invoking images of riches, wealth and royalty.  Definitely a majestic choice.

Fancy Colored diamonds

The second option for a colored engagement is one which contains a colored diamond.  The cheaper option would be to get a colorless diamond that has been color enhanced.  Alternatively, you could go for a genuine colored diamond, there are a range of options, such as pink diamonds, yellow diamond and even black diamonds.  Check out our page on color diamonds to find out more.

Buying Engagement Rings

No matter what metal you decide on for your engagement ring; we aim to help you create your own style.  We suggest 5 steps: 1. Setting a Budget 2. Choosing a Setting 3. Finding the Right Diamond 4. Selecting Band Color 5. Certification.

To make it easy we have created an engagement ring buying guide.

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