• Down the Drain – Diamonds Lost & Found

    Now We Can Laugh About It Can you imagine the agony of watching a diamond disappear down the drain?  It happens most with engagement rings and diamond stud earrings but can happen with any piece of jewelry.  No one should ever experience something so excruciating, but I am sorry to say– the phenomenon exists!  People […]

  • Can Diamonds Chip & Crack?

    Unfortunately, Yes Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on Earth, right?  So they do not need any special protection or treatment in order to stay pristine forever, you may think.  Even though diamonds measure a ten on the Moh’s hardness scale, which means diamonds are virtually impossible to scratch, diamonds do suffer from chips […]

  • Lost & Found: Mom Finds Diamond in Son’s Sock

    Be Careful with the Laundry! There are many stories of people losing their diamond, unfortunately.  In some cases there are happy endings, like this one we are about to share. A woman in England lost her diamond, not the entire ring – just the diamond itself, after wearing it securely for 17 years.  Then one […]

  • When a Professional Jeweler is Necessary

    From Steam Cleaning to Ultrasonic Cleaning, Repairing to Re-dipping Looking after your diamond and jewelry is a careful, but straightforward process… Taking basic precautions for wearing and storage; regular, simple cleaning and keeping an eye on the wear and tear of your pieces is the best way to preserve them and keep them in best […]

  • Caring for Gold, Platinum & Silver

    Treasuring Your Treasures We buy our jewelry in all its glory, gleaming and fresh.  But as time passes, we still want our jewels to keep their beauty and luster!  Here are some tips to maintaining their stunning look. The three most commonly used materials for jewelry are Platinum, Gold and Silver.  Whether set with diamonds […]

  • Tips for Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

    Regular Cleaning = Regular Sparkle Even though it’s not one of the 4 Cs, and doesn’t affect its intrinsic value, “Cleanliness” affects a diamond’s beauty as much as any of the 4 C’s (Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, Diamond Clarity).  Keeping your diamond glittering and shiny is not as hard as you may think!  […]

  • Taking Care of Your Diamonds & Jewelry

    Simple yet Important Advice “Diamonds are forever”, Shirley Bassey’s timeless song of the James Bond classic rings loudly in our memories… But when it comes to the diamonds which we personally own, wear and cherish, there are some important steps we need to take to keep our diamonds out of harm’s way.  So, what are […]

  • Diamond and Metal Care