• Colored Engagement Rings

    Choosing the Best Color Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes and of course colors.  A traditional engagement ring will consist of a gold band and central diamond, but, that still leaves plenty of room for your own individuality.  A colored engagement ring can refer to either a colored central diamond or a colored […]

  • GIA Diamond

    The Real Thing The allure of the diamond is unquestionable, its charm compels and its beauty entices.  The source of the attraction is definitely down the fire and sparkle that reflects off its surface.  The multi colored flashes of light are just absolutely fascinating.  But, can you be sure that any diamond you purchase will […]

  • How to Cut a Diamond

    Transforming a Diamond The breathtaking allure that emanates from a diamond is all down to the diamond cut.  Form the diamond facets precisely and you’ll end up with a dazzling gem stone, make an error of even 1mm and you could end up with an empty and lifeless stone.  It takes experience to learn how […]

  • Bridal Rings

    Best Rings for Brides Getting engaged?  Bridal rings are a must.  There is hardly a country or culture across the world that doesn’t follow the engagement ring tradition.  Giving the ring may be mandated but the style of engagement ring and wedding ring is absolutely your choice.  A bridal ring is a term used to […]

  • Platinum Engagement bands

    Elegant and Exclusive Getting engaged is a special time, anticipating the wedding and sharing the joy with family and friends.  There is so much to organize; but before you can begin an engagement ring is a must.  Platinum engagement bands are the most exclusive ring choice.  Elegant and classy they will leave you loved one […]

  • Diamond Beauty

    Captivated by the Beauty Beauty is captivating, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a precious gem that sparkles and shines.  It’s no surprise that diamonds have become the chosen gem for engagement rings; after all, what else has the same allure as a diamond?  Let’s take a look at what makes this gem so fascinating. […]

  • Diamond Clarity Chart

    Perfectly Clear Finding a flawless diamond is nearly impossible or at least it’s very hard.  Nearly all diamonds will have some kind of imperfection, either internally, externally or both.  There’s nothing wrong with a flaw or two, after all, not much in life is absolutely perfect.  When it comes to diamonds the question is simply […]

  • Best Cut Diamonds

    The Best Way to Sparkle No other gem stone can compare to a diamond.  The impressive light display of fire and sparkle captivates and allures.  It’s no wonder diamond jewelry is loved by everyone.  Diamond pendants provide the perfect addition to any outfit and a pair of diamond earrings will make you feel confident and […]

  • Diamond Color Chart

    A Chart to Choose the Color Color for diamonds; what’s that about?  Everyone knows that diamonds are colorless gems.  And that’s exactly the point.  Colorless diamonds must be just that, totally transparent; any tinge of color will detract from their beauty. Which explains why a diamond color chart is an essential piece of information if […]

  • Pave Set Engagement Rings

    Paved with Extra Sparkle Diamonds are by far the preferred gem stone for engagement rings; and it’s not difficult to work out why.  There is no better way to show how much you love and value your loved one than with a dazzling and sparkling diamond.  Pavé Set Engagement rings means even more dazzle and tons […]

  • Types of Diamond Cut

    Three Great Options Cutting a diamond is no simple matter; it takes precision and skill to cut the rough diamond in a way that will ensure maximum diamond brilliance and sparkle.  It all began back in the 15th century when diamond cutters first started to explore the best way to cut a diamond.  Prior to […]

  • Cut Diamonds

    The Ultimate Gem Stone Diamonds are known for their unbelievable beauty and incredible sparkle, but not all diamonds are created equal.  Whilst some dazzle and amaze, others are dull and lifeless.  In fact, of the millions of carats of diamonds mined each year only a small percentage are of good enough quality to be used […]

  • Engagement Ring Prices

    Finding the Right Price If you’ve been looking around for an engagement ring, you have probably noticed how much engagement ring prices vary.  It can be quite frustrating trying to compare prices of rings when there are so many factors to take into account.  Let’s take a look at what impacts the price of  engagement […]

  • Good Diamond Cut

    The Key to a Diamond’s Sparkle If you’re after a gem that sparkles and shines, it’s got to be a diamond.  The perfect gem for jewelry, the most popular choice for engagement rings, the jewel that lasts forever; nothing can compare to diamond.  But are all diamonds the same?  Or is there a secret to […]

  • Diamond Value

    Valuable for a Good Reason It’s hardly surprising that diamonds are the most valuable gems stones around.  The brilliance and sparkle of an excellent cut diamond is second to none.  Light rays refract around the gem’s facets and appear as multicoloured flashes of light and sparkle.  We are mesmerized by the brilliance, shocked by the […]

  • Real Engagement Rings

    It’s Got to be The Real Thing Finding the perfect ring is a must.  There is only one ring that you will hopefully wear for your entire life, and of course, that’s an engagement ring.  Ok, maybe your wedding ring as well.  Engagement rings are something special, no other jewelry can compare.  The symbolism, the […]

  • Color Diamonds

    Colorless isn’t always Best Picture a diamond.  You’re sure to conjure up an image of colorless gem that’s full of sparkle and fire.  It’s true that the vast majority of diamonds are colorless; however, some diamonds are naturally colored.  Since fancy color diamonds are so rare they are very expensive, but for many people it’s […]

  • Engagement Ring Styles

    A Style to Suit You No doubt when you spot a particular style of diamond ring you can tell immediately if it’s an engagement ring.  The key indicator is a large central diamond which is usually set on a gold or platinum band.  There are of course many variations of this style; from bands with […]

  • Online Engagement Rings

    The Simpler Option Buying an engagement ring has never been easier, whilst just ten years ago purchasing jewelry on-line would have been quite unconventional, nowadays, it’s very common.  Just think; no pushy salesmen or queues at the checkout and you get to sit in the comfort of your home whilst you browse and consider your […]

  • Diamond D

    D is Best A colorless gem stone, loved for its sparkle and cherished for its value.  The colorful flashes of light evoke amazement and wonder, but are the light flashes guaranteed?  The beauty of the stone is definitely down to how well the diamond has been cut, but it’s not only an excellent cut that’s […]

  • Excellent Cut Diamond

    Charmed by an Excellent Cut There is only one valid reason to purchase a diamond, and that’s for its unbelievable beauty.  There is no other precious gem stone that comes close to wonder of the diamond.  Sparkle and fire emanate from the gem in a manner that expresses amazement and wonder and catapults the wearer […]

  • Diamond Color Grade

    Colorless is Best Unless a diamond has a fancy color the best color it can have is actually no color at all.  One of the most important qualities of a colorless diamond is, just that, it should be totally colorless.  Makes sense, right.  Imagine a dazzling diamond emitting tons of sparkle; its beauty comes down […]

  • Quality Diamond

    Quality Means Loads of Sparkle It doesn’t take a genius to work out that not all diamonds are the same quality.  Pick up two diamonds and check out the way they sparkle and shine, one of them is sure to impress you more than the other.  It’s all down to the quality of the diamond.  […]

  • Vintage Jewelry

    Always a Stylish Choice Don’t you just love the appearance of old jewelry, especially those pieces that have retained their luster over the years?  The pieces take your back to a previous era, they evoke memories or times that have flown by and they connect you to a previous generation.  For jewelry to be vintage, […]

  • Renaissance Jewelry (1400 – 1600)

    Renaissance Jewelry – Vivid Colors This was the “jewel age” an era where jewelry was worn an adornment or collected to safeguard wealth.  No longer was jewelry solely used to express a religious belief or as a symbolic adornment, worn for its mystical powers.  Jewels were worn copiously on all types of jewelry pieces and […]

  • Modern and Contemporary Jewelry

    Anything Goes Modern jewelry encompasses a diverse range of styles.  Contemporary jewelry ranges from high quality diamond jewelry to cheap fashion jewlery.  Whilst delicate and sophisticated jewelry with simple designs is considered the perfect style for a glamorous night out, big and bulky jewelry is often worn by those who want to make a fashion […]

  • Diamond Grading

    Get the Right Grade Diamonds are the most incredible gems found in the Earth’s surface.  They sparkle and shine in a way that no other precious gem can.  But, are all diamonds created equal?  Surely not, everyone knows that prices of diamonds vary massively to reflect their size and magnificence.  Diamonds are given grades for […]

  • Medieval Jewelry (1200-1500)

    A Nobel Indication Jewelry in the medieval era served two purposes; brooches would be worn to fasten to clocks and jackets, and beautiful items would be worn to as an indication of status and hierarchy in society. Jewelry as indication of status The exquisite jewelry of the upper class was not only out of the […]

  • Is Justin Bieber Engaged?

    Engagement Rumor, Down to a Ring No engagement yet for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the hottest young items in Hollywood. It turns that Justin and Selena are not actually engaged yet.  So what was the cause of the mass frenzy? Well, if you’re a celebrity and you choose to go out with a diamond […]

  • Georgian Jewelry (1714-1830)

    Flamboyant or Simple Georgian jewelry is named for the four successive British Kings named George.  In this era, jewelry was reserved for the elite. Whilst aristocrats adorned themselves with an excessive array of jewels, the general populous was too poor to afford jewelry.  Styles of jewelry may have been detailed and beautiful, but poor craftsmanship has […]

  • Antique Jewelry

    Always a Stylish Choice Antique Jewelry may be at least 100 years old; however, it is as fashionable as ever.  Styles of jewelry from previous eras convey their own sense of wonder, evoke sentiment with their beauty and can be worn at any time.  It’s not just that the pieces are distinctive, are often elaborately […]

  • Princess Engagement Ring

    A Ring for a Princess Getting engaged?  Well it’s time to treat your bride to be .. like a princess.  The way to begin is by purchasing an engagement ring that lets her know how valuable she is to you.  Engagement rings are dazzling and precious because of the diamonds they showcase.  Diamonds can be […]

  • Retro Jewelry (1935-1960)

    Retro – Colorful & Oversized Chunky, oversized jewelry pretty much sums up what Retro is all about.  Beginning in the 30’s during the depression and continuing to the post war period, the actual styles evolved to reflect the constraints of the times.  Retro jewelry may have originated in France, but the onset of World War 2 […]

  • Art Nouveau Jewelry (1895-1915)

    Art Nouveau – Different & Daring The period may have overlapped with the Victorian era, however, the style of Art Nouveau jewelry is worlds apart from the classic aesthetic Victorian pieces.  The imaginative artistic designs that incorporated representations of nature and the female form were looked at with disdain by traditional Victorians.  Nevertheless, Art Nouveau […]

  • Edwardian Jewelry (1900-1915)

    Classy & Sophisticated Whilst Victorian jewelry was large, opulent and utterly conservative, Edwardian Jewelry was classy, sophisticated and unrestrained.  Edwardian jewelry marked the period from 1900 when Edward 8th ascended to the English throne until 1915 when the Art Deco period took over. King Edward was known for his carefree and luxury lifestyle, the style of […]

  • Victorian Jewelry (1840 -1890)

    Big and Bold Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British monarch, was a public icon.  She had an ability to influence public mood and government policy.  Fortunately for us, Victoria also adored jewelry, and so jewelry styles during this era reflected the mood and attitudes of the time. The Victorian era lasted for the 63 years […]

  • Standard Sizes for Ladies Rings

    Ring Sizes – It’s Really not that Complicated Most people know their exact shoe size, but for some reason have no idea about their ring size.  Ok, maybe shoes are more important and we women to tend to be constantly buying a new pair.  But, I would like to suggest that knowing your ring size […]

  • Different Styles of Jewelry

    Jewelry through the Ages If you pick up a modern diamond necklace and compare it to an ancient jewelry piece you will be struck by the differences.  The journey jewlery has taken and the styles it has encompassed across the ages is fascinating.  So why are the pieces so different? Styles were affected by the availability of resources, the character […]

  • Rose Gold Wedding Bands

    A Pink Rose for your Wedding Looking for a way to show off your innate romantic nature, a ring that’s fashionable but still unique?  Rose gold is the answer.  The climax of the wedding ceremony is when rings are exchanged.  The meaning and symbolism behind this tradition encompasses all cultures and histories.  The ring is a physical […]

  • Stuart & Tudor Jewelry (1603-1704)

    Glamorously Jeweled Stuart and Tudor jewelry styles were glamorous and expensive; well that is, if you were of the upper class.  In an era where the class system reigned supreme, jewelry worn was indicative of your social standing.  Whist the wealthy wore jewelry made from gold and silver adorned with precious gems; the lower classes […]

  • White Gold Wedding Bands

    An Exclusive Appearance Your wedding ceremony is an event that will be remembered forever; the excitement, the traditions, the clothes, and the details will be imprinted in your memory.  However, there is still a need for a physical reminder, something that will last beyond the special day.  A wedding ring is the perfect memento; all […]

  • 3 Stone Engagement Rings

    Celebrating your Life Together Engagement rings; the perfect way to express your love and pledge your loyalty.  No other item of jewelry can compare in significance.  A valuable diamond emanating with sparkle and flashes of light lets your bride to be know how much she means to you.  And can there be a more significant […]

  • Art Deco Jewelry (1920-1935)

    Art Deco – Geometrical and Symmetrical It was post World War 1 and consumerism and wealth were on the rise, woman were heaping on the jewelry celebrating their improved status.  Against this back drop emerged a new art, named after a fair in Paris where it was first introduced, Art Deco, was an innovative expressive art […]

  • White Engagement Rings

    Shiny & Stylish Choosing an engagement ring is loads of fun.  Finding a ring that will match your personality and tastes, one that you’ll be happy to wear your entire life requires patience and great care.  There are so many factors to consider; you have to decide on the type of diamond, the kind of setting, the style […]

  • Engagment Rings

    Finding an Engagment Ring Whoops, did you mean engagement rings?  If so, you have just made one of the most common spelling mistakes with words that relate to jewelry.  In fact, writing engagment ring instead of engagement ring is something we do all the time.  No doubt, you are still after some useful information on […]

  • Pink Engagement Rings

    A Romantic Color Pink: A color to express your femininity, a way to convey your romantic nature and a shade that declares your love.  What better color can there be for an engagement ring?  There are two ways of achieving a pink ring; either using a pink gem as the central stone or by sticking with […]

  • Yellow Engagement Rings

    A Golden Choice It’s time to choose the all important engagement ring.  A ring that will express your love and promise your commitment should be a ring of value.  How valuable?  That will depend on your budget and tastes.  However, the engagement ring should definitely be made from a precious metal such as gold and […]

  • What are Omega Back Earrings? aka Omega Backs

    Clipped on Tight Earrings are probably the most popular jewelry item around.  Worn by many women each and every day, earrings are a must for any fashion conscious lady.  The style of earring will often change to fit the occasion, outfit and image you wish to project.  An essential part of the earring is the […]

  • Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

    Gold and Gleaming Buying a wedding band?  Choosing the right color and style is essential; after all, this is a ring you hope to wear for your whole life.  So what are the options?  Well, if you go for a gold band there are three color options; pink, white and yellow gold.  Keep reading to […]

  • Platinum Engagement Rings

    Perfect in Platinum If an engagement is on the horizon you’re probably staring to think about the type of engagement ring you would prefer.  There are loads of options around; various styles and designs, different types of diamond settings, loads of diamond shapes.  One aspect of the ring to consider is the type of metal […]

  • Wedding Engagement Rings

    Prepare for your Wedding Planning on getting married?  Preparing for a big wedding?  There’s loads to organize, but before you begin all the important arrangements, you get to do the fun stuff.  Choosing an engagement ring that you can wear on your wedding day and throughout your life is an enjoyable experience.  You get to […]

  • Engagement Bands

    Which Band is Best? Thinking about which engagement ring you would like?  Anticipating a proposal?  It’s time to learn about what makes a great engagement ring.  You’ve probably heard countless times that: it’s all about the diamond; which is true.  The diamond is crucial; it’s the precious gem that provides the fire, sparkle and dazzle.  But, […]

  • Gold Engagement

    A Majestic Choice To celebrate your engagement there is no more appropriate material than gold.  Gold is the metal of royalty; exclusive, rich and absolutely beautiful.  A diamond engagement ring is there to let your loved one know how much they mean to you; diamonds are valuable, gold is valuable and your loved one is […]

  • Which Engagement Ring

    Finding the Right Ring Congratulations; getting engaged is a truly exciting occasion, and for a woman nothing compares to receiving the perfect ring.  So, if you are a guy planning a proposal it’s up to you to decide which engagement ring to choose for this once in a life time opportunity.  It’s actually not as hard […]

  • Pink Gold Wedding Bands

    A Romantic Choice Planning a wedding is always great fun, and is sure to keep you busy for a while.  One of the most exciting aspects is choosing the wedding ring.  The exchanging of wedding rings is a tradition that spans all culture and times; it’s the one memento that lasts from your special day.  […]

  • Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

    Gorgeous in Gold An engagement ring is the most important gift you will ever give your loved one, no other present will compare.  Full of meaning and significance, it’s this piece of jewelry that pledges your loyalty, promises your commitment and declares your love.  The engagement ring is steeped in tradition, a method of publicising […]

  • Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    Stylish in Rose An engagement ring is steeped in meaning and bound to tradition, a ring that promises your commitment and testifies to your love.  Rose gold is an up and coming color for engagement rings; it’s original, it’s feminine and of course it’s romantic; no wonder rose is now a hugely popular choice. Rose […]

  • Courtney Mazza’s Engagement Ring

    Mario Lopez Pops the Question in Mexico After four years, Mario Lopez has proposed to his long time girlfriend, in yet another celebrity engagement that took place over the holidays. Lopez, host of Extra, turned the proposal into a television event.  He staged the special moment on a beach in Ixtapa, Mexico over New Year’s […]

  • Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring

    Finally a First Sighting! It took four years for Justin Timberlake to pop the question to Jessica Biel.  That happened way back over the Christmas holiday.  But the engagement ring never appeared.  Then the rumors started. First it was that the ring wasn’t big enough, wasn’t what Jessica wanted. Then there was talk of a pre-nup. Now, […]

  • Halle Berry’s Engagement Ring

    Third Time’s a Charm? Her first two marriages ended badly.  However, it appears that Halle Berry may be ready to tie the knot again. Berry was spotted on New Year’s Day on Malibu Beach wearing a large ring on her wedding finger. The 45-year-old star has been dating French actor Olivier Martinez since the end of 2010. Jewelry designer […]

  • The Colors of Gold

    Yellow is Just the Beginning Have you ever been confused by the different colors of gold .. white gold, pink gold and even blue, green and black gold?  Isn’t all real gold yellow?  So what are these other colors, fool’s gold? The answer is pretty simple .. they’re all made from pure gold, seen here […]

  • Pink Gold Engagement Rings

    Pink in Pretty The symbolism of an engagement ring is well known; love and commitment are two key ideas that are expressed through your ring at this momentous juncture in your lives.  How about expressing your romantic side as well?   Pink, synonymous with pink hearts, is a color that is a most fitting choice to […]

  • Diamond Twinning Wisp, What is it?

    A Wisp of an Inclusion Diamond inclusions are common to all diamonds; however, the types of inclusions present in each individual diamond will differ.  Some inclusions will have a detrimental effect on the clarity and durability of the diamond, whilst others are invisible to the naked eye and do not harm the diamond at all.  […]

  • Laser Drill Hole, What is it?

    Drilled Through The Diamond Imagine finding a large, excellent cut, absolutely beautiful diamond, the only problem being that the sparkle seems somewhat limited.  On closer inspection, you notice that there is a large black inclusion within the diamond structure.  Inclusions that are large and pronounced can interrupt the passage of light through the gem, hindering […]

  • Diamond Knot, What is it?

    (K)not to be Overlooked Nearly all diamonds suffer from diamond inclusions and/or blemishes; so much so, inclusions have become a diamond’s identifying characteristics.  80% of rough diamonds have such severe inclusions resulting in their use being relegated as industrial diamonds only.  Of the remaining 20%, a few are deemed to be flawless, implying an absolute […]

  • Rose Gold – A Beautiful Modern Choice

    What’s Your Opinion? Golden yellow is the color of gold as it is found in nature.  In fact, gold is one of only three metals that have any color in their natural state other than gray or white (caesium and cooper are the other two).  So where do white gold and rose gold come from? […]

  • Diamond Bruise, What is it?

    Bruised From a Blow No two diamonds are ever totally alike, even diamonds that have the same diamond shape and qualities will be different in the number, type and placement of their flaws.  Yes, all diamonds have imperfections, and they are not necessarily a bad thing.  Flaws within the diamond are called diamond inclusions and […]

  • Diamond Cavity, What is It?

    A Missing Piece of Diamond When looking at a diamond from far you will see it shine and sparkle, it appears to be a perfect gem stone, showcasing all its glory.  However, if you look a little closer, and magnify the small stone you are likely to see tiny flaws within the structure of the […]

  • Diamond Natural, What is it?

    Left to be Natural 90 miles below the earth’s surface at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, intense pressure works to transform carbon atoms into sparkling diamonds.  The diamonds either reach the earth’s surface due to volcanic eruptions or they are mined.  A rough diamond has the potential to shine and sparkle but when it’s extracted […]

  • Patina – Platinum’s Unique Look

    Dull & Grey or A Special Look? Patina is something you love or hate.  This scratched worn look is sought after by many people .. while others don’t think it’s not attractive at all.  What do you think?  Read on .. and send us a comment below. Patina: A Definition All fine jewelry loses some […]

  • Diamond Needle, What is It?

    A Needle Shaped Crystal Diamonds are beautiful when used as a gem stone, but were you aware that only 20% of diamonds are worthy enough of being used as gems in jewelry?  The severe imperfections present in 80% of diamonds relegate their use to industrial purposes only.  They’re known as industrial diamonds.  Even diamonds that […]

  • Handmade Engagement Rings

    Made to Fit Your Style Visions of an engagement ring, perfect and magnificent, are the stuff many women’s dreams are made of.  Be it simple and classic, interesting and quirky, flashy, intricate, large or small, a diamond engagement ring is something you will wear and cherish for the rest of your life.  Having a ring […]

  • What is a Cable Chain?

    Charmed with a Chain Pendants and bracelets are much loved jewelry items created to adorn your neckline or wrist.  The pendent itself and the decorations on your bracelet are usually the part of the jewelry that you spend time thinking about before your purchase, but the chain is no less important.  Cable chains will never […]

  • What is Total Carat Weight?

    Carat Weight for Multiple Diamonds Carat weight is one of the all important 4C’s, although not the most important of the C’s it is often the aspect of the diamond that is thought about first.  We have all met people who simply want a “big” diamond, they believe bigger is always better.  But is this […]

  • What is a Knife Edge Band?

    A Style with an Edge Are you a bold and courageous person with loads of personality looking for a unique band for your ring?  If so, the knife edge look may just be for you.  It’s different but not outrageous, it’s fashionable and yet still classic.  Intrigued, keep reading to find out more. A knife […]

  • What are Friction Back Earrings? Aka Friction Backs

    Simple and Effective Backing up your earring is absolutely essential, after all they do need to stay in your ear.  There are actually several types of earring backs available.  Push backs are cheap and easy to use, screw backs act like a nut and bolt and so are seriously secure and locking backs lock your […]

  • Square Emerald Cut Diamond

    Two Names, One Diamond There are lots of different diamonds shapes, some of which have more than one name.  A diamond shape may have a name that is commonly used and another official name for use on diamond certificates.  The second name will usually indicate a kind of description of the diamond.  An example of […]

  • Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

    Should Kim Return Her Ring? It was one of the most spectacular weddings ever, Kim Kardashian’s marriage live on TV to basketball star Kris Humphries.  Not only was the wedding quite expensive, her engagement ring cost a reported $2 million dollars.  Now that the marriage is over, after 72 days, the debate is on what […]

  • Brilliant Cut Diamonds

    Bright & Brilliant It is not surprising that diamonds are among the most popular gem stones used to adorn jewelry, after all everyone loves the sparkle and fire that emanates from diamond jewelry.  The brilliance of a diamond occurs as a result of the diamond cut, rough diamonds extracted from the earth are actually dull […]

  • Handmade Wedding Rings

    Crafted With Care Wedding rings have come a long way from the twisted reeds of Ancient Egypt.  In the past few decades most wedding rings were standard, plain gold bands.  There wasn’t much choice or individuality in the decision making process.  Today, while the symbolism remains true, wedding rings have taken on a life of […]

  • Step Cut Diamonds

    A Diamond Staircase Rough diamonds extracted from the ground are dull and lifeless.  To uncover the beauty hidden within this stone, the diamond must be cut and faceted by an expert diamond cutter.  To achieve different shapes a diamond cutter must use different methods to facet the gem stone.  The step cut can be used […]

  • Fancy Shape Diamonds

    Just Don’t Call Them Round All beautiful objects come in a range of different shapes and sizes, diamonds are no exception.  There are so many shapes that diamonds can be made into.  Some have rounded edges, others have sharp corners, there are shapes that are hugely common and others that are rare and unusual.  Some […]

  • What is a Square Modified Brilliant Diamond?

    Fit For A Princess A princess cut diamond is a shape you have probably heard about, it is the second most popular diamond shape after a round cut diamond.  A square modified brilliant is simply the official name for the princess cut; it is this name that will be used on diamond grading certificates.  Interested […]

  • Designer Engagement Rings

    Choose Your Own Style In today’s world of high fashion and stylish trends, the most original and stunning creations usually begin with the creativity, talent and expertise of the designer’s imagination.  Your engagement ring is a piece of jewelry which can become a beloved accessory and even a timeless family heirloom.  An engagement ring created […]

  • What are Locking Back Earrings?

    Ultimate Security Every woman has a personal preference when it comes to choosing earrings, some prefer studs whilst others love earrings that dangle and sway when they move.  Many women and some men also have there are own favorite type of earring back, some people will even replace the backing on every earring they purchase […]

  • What are Screw Backs?

    Screwed in Your Ear Earrings definitely take the number one spot for the most loved jewelry item.  For many women they are a permanent addition to their ear, never coming off.  Since earrings are worn for long periods of time they must be very comfortable.  It is also important that they are kept securely in […]

  • Different Types of Earring Backs

    Back Up Those Earrings Earrings are the most essential jewelry item for every woman, they sparkle and shine and add much glamor to your appearance.  Given that earrings are generally worn for long periods of time and for all occasions, they need to stay securely in your ear, no matter what your scheduled activities are. […]

  • What is Filigree?

    A Unique Design Unique jewelry has a special appeal, there is nothing quite like knowing that your bracelet or necklace is one of a kind, exclusively yours and irreplaceable.  Jewelry that has been ornately designed using intricate handiwork will be distinctive and two pieces are unlikely to ever be designed in exactly the same way.  […]

  • Cut Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant

    A Beautiful Diamond Shape Most people will never hear this long, fancy term: cut cornered rectangular modified brilliant.  Usually, it’s only used on diamond grading certificates.  So why the long name you might ask.  It’s simply a grown up name for a radiant cut diamond.  Yes, it’s that simple.  Once we break down and explain […]

  • What is Milgrain?

    Antique Decoration Diamond rings are beautiful creations; they emit sparkle and fire giving pleasure to all who wear them.  There are a range of different diamond settings with which to hold your diamond in place, from the classic prong setting to the less common invisible setting and everything in between.  Gorgeous diamonds in elegant settings […]

  • Diamond Jewelry Buying Basics

    Insider Advice Diamonds have the quality of timeless beauty.  They are in a class of their own and make for meaningful and significant gifts, an asset to every wardrobe.  Buying diamond jewelry is an investment in excellence and value.  They are also a symbol of commitment and love. With the decision to make this special […]

  • Cut Cornered Square Modified Brilliant

    Fancy Name for a Fancy Shape The term sounds quite fancy, cut cornered square modified brilliant.  So what does it mean?  In short, it’s a big name for a radiant cut diamond. But It’s Not Square! Good observation.  Radiants can be square or rectangular, like the stone in this image.  In fact, sometimes diamond grading […]

  • What are Push Backs, aka Push Back Posts?

    The Most Common Backing The different options for earrings are vast, from stud earrings to fancy dangle earrings, you can find something to suit all tastes and styles.  Jewelers have not only come up with a whole range of designs for the actual earrings, they have also designed various backs to ensure that your earrings […]

  • What is a Spring Ring Clasp?

    Spring a Ring There are many different aspects to consider before purchasing jewelry.  Bracelets and necklaces can be made from a range of different metals, some of them more precious than others.  The jewelry item may also include precious gems such as diamonds or pearls.  One important aspect of your jewelry that is often overlooked […]

  • What is a Lobster Clasp?

    Gripped in a Claw There are several types of jewelry clasps, ranging from neat knots to sophisticated springs.  Some clasps serve a purely functional role, whilst other claps can be jazzed up so that they contribute to the actual jewelry design.  One thing is for certain, clasps are an essential component of your jewelry, enabling […]

  • What are Butterfly Backs, aka Butterflies?

    Backed Up With a Butterfly Everyone loves wearing earrings; the position just by your face makes you look so glamorous.  The earrings glisten and shine and add radiance to your appearance.  Diamond stud earrings are arguably the most popular earring choice, they are so versatile which means that can be worn with any outfit and […]

  • Elizabeth Hurley’s Engagement Ring

    Inspired by Princess Kate’s Ring? Congratulations to Elizabeth Hurley, who is now engaged to Shane Warne, a former cricket player from Australia. The big news spread quickly on Saturday, October 1, 2011.  Photographers snapped photos of the gorgeous engagement ring during a golf tournament in Scotland where the couple was over the weekend.  Hurley confirmed […]

  • What is a Snap Clasp?

    Snapped in Place Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and even watches, there are just so many options when it comes to deciding what type of jewelry to buy.  Once you have made your decision the choices persist.  The types of precious metal the jewelry is made from and its style will impact greatly on its appearance. […]

  • What is a Hook Clasp?

    Hang From A Hook Don’t you just love wearing jewelry; it’s so much fun to choose which necklace or bracelet goes with which outfit.  Diamond jewelry has a special appeal, the diamonds sparkle and shine and provide you with a really radiant appearance. The variety of diamond necklaces and bracelets that are available to be […]

  • What is a Fish Hook Clasp?

    Hook that Fish Ever received jewelry as a gift?  What’s the first part of the necklace or bracelet that you look at?  It surely must be the design at the front.  For diamond jewelry, the diamonds will grab your attention instantly.  Surprisingly enough, some people will actually check out the type of clasp before looking […]