Revealing the Vision of our Creative Director Stefano Nicoletti

When designing  new engagement  rings,  we are challenged by different tasks: give due relevance to the diamond, give the setting desirable form, be innovative.

It is very important to any designer during the creative process to keep focus on the target of his or her job.  Creative skills would otherwise serve his or her own self-indulgence.  Therefore, whenever I am facing this very delicate task, I think of the meaning behind what I am doing, and here the meaning of a solitaire ring.  Engagement, commitment, purity, eternity, solidity are among the terms that run to my mind when I figure the moment a man will propose to his fiancée this evergreen symbol of Love.

In my heart Love is simple, and any expression or representation of it should reflect the same simplicity and purity.

Simplicity doesn’t mean banality.  Simplicity is the highest objective, the target for a designer.

At Mazal Diamond we create all of our own designs with this objective in mind.  It would be my honor to take you through each of my designs and to reveal the vision behind them.

Let’s start with my first solitaire ring design .. solitaire diamond engagement ring 4 prong trellis setting.

You can see all of my designs at this link .. featuring diamond engagement rings

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