diamond mining tool

One of the most sought after stones in the world is not very easy to extract. Commercial miners and diamond prospectors use a variety of tools to mine diamonds. We are fascinated over diamonds for years now, and there is hardly any reason to look away from one of the most astounding precious stones in the world.

While commercial diamond mines sift to large amounts of soil for the diamonds, there diamond mines which are open for the public who can look for the gem by using some simple tools. Here are some tools used for diamond mining by those who prospect for diamonds:

Digging Tools:

Anyone interested in prospecting for a diamond must remember that buried diamonds can be found by sifting through a lot of soil. Digging is one of the most important elements of diamond prospecting.

  • A spade and a shovel allow diamond prospectors to dig up the ground and penetrate deeper than the regular square shovel.
  • Wedges help in breaking up hard, rocky grounds.
  • Pick axes come handy when looking for diamonds in a rocky area as well.
  • Pry bars can help prospectors open up fractures in boulders or rocks that may possibly have diamonds formed inside them.

diamond mining tool

Sifting Tools:

Diamonds sifting can be done in dry soil or by washing the soil with water to find any diamonds in them. The most common sifting tool is a screen box which is a handheld wooden box with a screen at the bottom. Soil is placed in the box and then it is sifted through water. As the soil washes away, residue of gemstones and minerals remain for prospectors to check for diamonds in them.

While it may be one of the most profitable tasks, diamond prospecting involves a lot of time and patience. While some may be lucky to find diamonds without having to break open rocks, others may spend a lot of time trying to mine for the gem among rocks without having much success. The secret is to continue looking for them till you find one.


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