Don’t Compromise Beauty for Bulk

Sometimes we think that we are getting an incredible diamond…but we come out with one not even worth the money spent! You`re probably wondering what I`m on about so it`s like this:

When we choose a Diamond for an Engagement Ring we want to catch everyone’s attention, for the Diamond to really make the statement “LOOK AT ME!” So we figure, choose a Diamond with the biggest possible Carat size, and we‘ll get a bigger diamond which is impossible to ignore! Right? Not exactly, and here`s why.

Rough diamonds are shaped so that most of its weight will need to be cut away to give it the perfect dimensions creating sparkle, fire and shine. Diamond weight, measured in carats is a big factor in the price of the diamond. So what does a diamond cutter who is focused on the price do?  He cuts the diamond with a compromise – a thicker girdle, a steeper crown- wide where it should be narrow, longer where it should be shorter…cutting what is called a Chubby Diamond. The diamond is duller, the fire and luster is missing. You have a stone which lacks the magical quality of a Diamonds sparkle and look.

Diameter measures the width of the diamond at the girdle, affecting how large the top of the Diamond looks and how much light it is able to absorb and return to our eyes.

A well cut diamond of 1 carat will have about a 6.4mm diameter. Cut the girdle too thick and that same weight diamond will only have a 6mm diameter – you`ll be getting a 0.9 carat LOOK– and you’ll be paying the much steeper price of 1 full carat, because of its weight! Some cuts are so severely compromised that up to 20% of the Diamond Look is missing!!

Unfortunately these type diamonds are all over the market. Many of these originate from cheap laborers in India, while Russia has a reputation for superior cut diamonds.

Occasionally a flat rough diamond is left flat and wide – fewer facets are cut out, leaving them transparent like glass, or creating what is called a fish eye effect – a dark, dull ugly patch in the diamond. (While still weighing and paying high on the scale).  (Insert One or two images of visibly badly cut diamond eg. Fish eye or chubby…)

Bigger is not always better. Don`t be fooled by the alluring sound of a high carat diamond. Remember; after the 4 C’s go on to D – Diameter and Dimensions, and make sure that you’re not compromising on beauty for bulk!

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