Insider tips from your personal jeweler …

They call it precious jewelry for a reason. Now that you’ve bought (or received) something special we have some simple advice on protecting your investment and keeping it looking gorgeous. Below you’ll find insider tips from our creative director and 3rd generation jewelry designer Stefano Nicoletti.

A look a the biggest threats to your diamonds and jewelry. What to avoid and why.

Tips on taking care of your diamond to keep it sparkling for eternity.

How to keep these metals looking shiny and new.

From ultrasonic & steam cleaning to re-dipping your rings. When it’s time for a pro.

Is there a diamond doctor in the house? What to do if you’re diamond unfortunately gets chipped or damaged.

Tips on making sure you’re covered, just in case. We’ll make it really easy: Mazal Diamond offers 1 year of Free Insurance.

We’ve all heard horror stories about losing diamond rings. Read stories of diamonds lost .. and found.