You’ve researched every aspect of a diamond, you know the 4 c’s cold, you’ve asked friends & family for advice and you’ve found a company you trust. Wonderful. Unless of course you buy a diamond that isn’t certified. Spend your money wisely. There’s only one way to guarantee you get what you pay for, get a diamond certificate from an independent diamond grading lab. That’s why Mazal Diamond only sell 100% certified diamonds .. and only from the top labs in the world. No matter where you purchase, you should insist on nothing less.

Diamond Certification vs Appraisal

What’s the difference? Actually quite a lot. We’ll dispel a big myth about evaluating a diamond.

Reading a Diamond Certificate

With terms like girdle, table and culet you might need a bit of help. An easy guide to this all important document.

Top 3 Diamond Grading Labs

Insist on a certificate from an independent grading lab. We’ll introduce you to the only labs used by Mazal Diamond.

In the Loupe

Every certified diamond is scrutinized and evaluated using many different techniques. Learn more about the tools of the trade.

Certified Conflict Free

This is a totally different kind of certification and should be as important to you as it is to us. Read our 100% conflict free pledge.

Free Insurance

Tips on making sure you’re covered, just in case. We’ll make it really easy: Mazal Diamond offers 1 year of Free Insurance.

The 4 C’s

A diamond certificate wouldn’t be possible without a universal grading system. A complete guide to the four C’s.

Laser Inscription

Totally invisible to the naked eye, this inscription has several advantages: peace of mind, a special message or even an insurance discount.