All About Diamonds

So many questions: What is a diamond, where do they come from, what is the largest diamond ever found? Plenty of fun facts & diamond stats.

Diamond Quiz

Test your knowledge of diamonds. Don’t worry we won’t be giving out any grades. We made it multiple choice to make it easier but we guarantee it’s not easy.

Diamond News

Diamonds are big news!  From the US to Europe, Africa and the Far East.  A look at some of the stories that are making headlines in the world of diamonds.

Tour Our Factory

Mazal Diamond is a real manufacturer. For 3 generations we’ve been cutting, polishing and setting diamonds. Plus we design all our own jewelry. See where dreams come true.

Every certified diamond is scrutinized and evaluated using many different techniques. Learn more about the tools of the trade.

From the most popular round brilliant to pear, princess, cushion and more. See how many facets they contain and which settings are best.

Know where your diamonds come from! The history of conflict diamonds, aka blood diamonds, and what you can do to help.