Back Up Those Earrings

Earrings are the most essential jewelry item for every woman, they sparkle and shine and add much glamor to your appearance.  Given that earrings are generally worn for long periods of time and for all occasions, they need to stay securely in your ear, no matter what your scheduled activities are.  It is also important that they are comfortable and easy to use so that you are not irritated by their presence.  There are a whole variety of earring backs that you can choose from to help you achieve these objectives.  Let’s take a look at the most popular.

Butterfly Back Earrings (Butterfly Backs)

Butterfly backs, aka, butterflies, are also commonly referred to as friction backs, are the cheapest and hence the most common type of earring backings.  They consist of a metal backing in the shape of a butterfly; the thin post of the earring is simply inserted into a small hole in the center of the backing.  The great thing about “butterflies” is that they are so easy to use, and they are cheap to replace which means that you don’t have to be concerned about them getting lost.  However, there is a downside, in that they don’t always provide sufficient security.  If something pulls the earring, the earring may fall out of your ear.  So, be extra careful if you have diamond stud earrings with butterfly backings.

Push Back Earrings (Push Backs or Push Back Posts)

Push backs are similar to butterfly backs; to secure the earring in your ear the thin post at the back of the earring is inserted into a tiny hole in the center of a small post.  The earrings are removed by simple pulling them out of the post, it can’t get much easier, can it?  These backings are cheap and very easy to use, but again without due care they are at risk from getting lost as are your precious earrings.  Both push backs and butterflies will ensure that your earrings sit in the correct position on your ear without looking too loose or squeezing your ear.

Screw Back Earrings (Screw Backs or Screw on Backs)

Screw on backs are a possible solution for those who are concerned about the lack of safety from poor quality butterflies and push backs.  These earring backs function in a similar way to a nut and bolt, the back of the earring is screwed into a post.  Although these backings can be quite fiddly to use, they provide maximum safety and so there is little chance of your earrings falling out if they are secured with this backing.  There is however one disadvantage in that over time the screwing mechanism tends to become less effective.  Overall this backing is a great option for sportswomen who don’t want to forgo wearing their diamond stud earrings whilst taking part in sporting activities.

Locking Back Earrings (Locking Backs)

Locking backs consist of thin domed shaped discs with a small hole which the earring posts can be pushed into.  One either side of the earring backing there are small notches which when compressed causes the hole to widen and the earring to come out.  A perfect solution for a secure backing, there is little chance of you losing your earrings if they are secured with this backing.  Earrings held in place with locking backs will also fit snugly against your ear, ensuring that all your diamond earrings can sparkle away in the perfect position.

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