Diamond Doggie Treats

We would like to introduce you to Honey Bun, a pampered pooch with a taste for the finer things in life.  He’s no longer in the dog house, since the diamond earrings he ate have been recovered.

Honey Bun WALB TV image

Let’s explain how it all happened.  The story takes place in a jewelry store in Georgia, John Ross Jewelers, in August 2011.  Honey Bun is the owner’s dog and is loved by customers.  The store is her home away from home and she’s often up on the counters, as you can see below in an image from the local TV station, WALB TV.

Jeweler Chuck Roberts, co-owner with his wife, was working with several packages of diamonds when he got up to help a customer.  When he returned, one of the packages was empty.

What was missing?  Just two diamond stud earrings, with round brilliant cut stones, about 1 carat each.  Wait, but they were there a second ago?  It wasn’t a mystery for long.  It was obvious to the owner where the diamonds were.

Honey Bun WALB TV

“We looked all over and there weren’t any diamonds,” explained Roberts.  “So immediately I knew he’d eaten them.”

Roberts knew it was Honey Bun, but wanted to be sure.  So they took her to the vets to get an X-ray.  As expected, the doctor saw two dark spots, evidence enough of what had happened.  Now it was time to wait.

“The next afternoon, sure enough, the earring back and two diamonds were recovered,” said Roberts. “No panic.”

Chuck Roberts/WALB TV

The lesson to be learned was pretty obvious.

“‘I haven’t scolded him to this day and I won’t,” says Roberts, who blames himself for leaving his chair next to the diamonds, allowing Honey Bun a way up.  “It’s my fault for leaving the chair there.”

If you were wondering, the diamonds were given a full cleaning.

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