Now We Can Laugh About It

Can you imagine the agony of watching a diamond disappear down the drain?  It happens most with engagement rings and diamond stud earrings but can happen with any piece of jewelry.  No one should ever experience something so excruciating, but I am sorry to say– the phenomenon exists!  People have lost diamond jewelry down the drain of the sink, the shower and even the toilet.  Luckily, diamonds are tough and usually survive the experience to shine another day.  That is, if they are found.

The following real life stories are instances where the diamond was safely recovered.  But not everyone is so lucky, so guard your diamond jewelry in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Found Under the House

Ben Affleck gave his wife Jennifer Garner a beautiful diamond ring on the momentous occasion of their daughter Violet’s birth.  That ring has some special moments attached to it and Jennifer was getting ready to wear it at a special event.  She was in the bathroom of her home fixing her hair and putting on her makeup for the Hollywood premiere of her film, Catch and Release, when the ring fell.  That diamond rolled under an ice maker and down into the drain.

Dedicated plumber to the rescue!  Jennifer called her plumber, who followed the pipe under the house.  The plumber opened the pipe beneath their house and found Jennifer’s diamond.  Jennifer got her diamond, finished preparing for the premiere, and did not even have to break the horrible news to Ben.  Now the precious memento of Violet’s birth is safe where it belongs.

Found Down a Manhole

Lisa Tan hardly knew what to do when her diamond ring fell off as she was flushing a toilet.  The ring, with a 1.58 carat diamond worth $10,000, was swept away.  This toilet was not in Lisa’s home, where there are relatively few drains.  This tragedy happened in Lisa’s office building, which has over 1,000 employees and facilities to match.

Lisa called Singapore’s national water carrier, called PUB, and also the maintenance crew of the building.  Both agreed to help, and the search was on.  They did not know how far the diamond ring had been carried, so they removed the first of a series of manhole covers for a look at the inspection chamber where the ring would flow to.  Over six hours later, the ring was found down in the fifth inspection chamber.  After all that, Lisa’s diamond only had some light scratches, and she was back to wearing it the next day.  On a different finger, where the ring was not so loose.

Lost in my Son’s Sock

Not all diamonds go missing in a drain.  We found this great story in England.  Amanda Duncan lost the diamond in her wedding ring, it just popped out, after 17 years.  Her son found it a week later in his sock.  He actually didn’t find it in his sock, it fell on the floor in his room and his brother found it.  It’s worth reading the full story: Lost & Found: Mom Finds Diamond in Son’s Sock

Share Your Story

Have you ever lost a diamond or do you know someone who has?  Or any story about losing a diamond?  Share your story with us, and let us experience with you the pain, anxiety, and hopefully the relief and satisfaction as well.  Just email our creative director, Stefano Nicoletti.  Click on Ask Stefano on the left side of the page.

The moral of any of these stories is be careful.  Most of the time you can greatly reduce you chances of losing your ring.  For more practical advice that could save you lots of frustration, visit: Caring for Your Diamonds & Jewelry

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