Step Five: Only Buy 100% Certified

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Step Five: Certification

Congratulations, you already did all of the hard work!

Let’s review the steps that helped produce your magnificent engagement ring.

1. You Set a Budget. An important starting point.  Knowing how much to spend allows you to make smart decision.

2. You Chose a Setting. A big decision, one that sets the style for your ring.  Did you go for simple, fancy or somewhere in between?

3. You Selected the Perfect Diamond. The centerpiece of your ring is one of a kind, made by nature just for you.  Just like your loved one!

4. You Picked the Band Color. In gold or platinum, your ring will shine for a long, long time.  Did you pick yellow, white or pink?

Now let’s make sure all of your effort was worth it!

Trust the Experts .. Insist on Independent Certification

There is no way to insure you get what you pay for .. unless you get independent certification.  At Mazal Diamond we believe so strongly in certification that all engagement rings over 0.30ct include a free diamond certificate.  (Smaller stones may also include free certification, depending on your location.  Please call customer service for full details.)

A diamond certificate will provide an unbiased description of your diamond according to a scale recognized worldwide.  By now you have probably heard of the 4C’s many, many times: diamond cut, diamond color, diamond claritydiamond carat weight?  This is just the beginning of what will be included on your certificate.

For a detailed look at what to expect, visit: Reading a Diamond Certificate

The Top 3 Diamond Certification Labs

Not all diamond laboratories are created equal.  Mazal Diamond works exclusively with the top 3 most well respected independent grading laboratories: GIA, IGI or HRD.  Each has it’s own style and the reports presented to the consumer differ, but we believe you can’t go wrong with any of them.  Again, we stress, these labs are independent and don’t sell diamonds or endorse any specific companies.  Here’s a short synopsis of the labs we trust.

G.I.A. – The Gemological Institute of America

This lab, based in the US, has been around since 1931 and is considered by many to be the top grading lab.

The GIA helped to establish many of the techniques and grading scales used now throughout the industry.

Training is a big part of the GIA.  Learn more about GIA Diamond Certification

I.G.I. – International Gemological Institute

Established in Antwerp in 1975, IGI is a major player in the world of diamond certification.

IGI provides over a million gem reports every year.

Like GIA, IGI is heavily focused on education and runs gemology schools in cities across the globe.

Learn more about IGI Diamond Certification

HRD:  “Hoge Raad voor Diamant”

(English Translation – “Diamond High Council”)

Also in Antwerp (Belgium’s diamond headquarters) is another top lab.

HRD is well known in the industry as a leader in certification and education, offering training to the diamond industry.

Learn more about HRD Diamond Certification

The “Other” Certification .. Conflict Free

As a family business for 3 generations, we take one issue very seriously, and we hope you will too .. conflict free diamonds.  Mazal Diamond only buys and in turn sells 100% conflict free stones.  A conflict diamond, also referred to as a blood diamond, is any diamond sold in order to fund armed conflict or civil war.

An international organization oversees what is called the kimberley process.  It requires that all diamonds bought & sold are done in the open and through “certified” countries that adhere to strict regulations.  Mazal Diamond works almost exclusively with russian diamonds, a country known for being extra strict about this issue.

For more information, read our Conflict Free Guarantee and tour the Mazal Diamond Factory.

Can We Help?

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting process.  We hope this 5 part buying guide has been helpful.  However, we won’t feel bad if you still have a ton of questions.  It’s a big purchase and we know you want to get it right the first time.

Call, E-mail or Live Chat … we would be honored to help make your dreams come true.

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