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Now it’s time to choose the precious metal that will support, style and compliment your jewelry.  You might think it’s an easy decision since there are only 2 choices .. gold or platinum.  It’s not like the dozens and dozens of settings and loose diamonds to choose from.  But the truth is, there are several important differences you should be aware of before making a decision.

Pick a Color

You might be asking, why are we talking about color, what does it have anything to do with choosing between gold or platinum?  Easy.  If you want a yellow or pink ring you already made up your mind, you want gold.  Platinum only comes in one color, white.

Looking at this image, the top ring is platinum followed by three different colors of gold.  All jewelry from Mazal Diamond is available in these 4 choices.  If you like the yellow gold or pink gold, wonderful, you made a decision based on style and it will be gorgeous.

Before we continue and discuss the differences between White Gold and Platinum, a few words on colored gold.  The most obvious questions are: How do they get their color?  Are they real gold?  Are they as strong and durable as white gold?

Yellow & pink gold get their color from the addition of other metals.  Gold is naturally yellow in color, an intense dark yellow, nothing like the yellow gold ring you see here.  All 3 colors of gold contain other metals, or alloy.  18 karat gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy.  Silver, iridium, nickel and copper are the most common alloys used.  Adding more silver an less copper produces yellow gold.  Adding more copper and less silver produces pink gold.  Add a high percentage of silver and you get green, yes green gold.

Yellow and pink gold are both “real” gold.  They are the same as white gold, which is also mixed with other metals.  Why not use 100% gold?  You’re getting ahead a bit, but here is the short answer.  As you will soon learn, gold is a very soft metal and alone is not usable for jewelry.  Coming up we’ll also explain the difference between 18k and 14k.  Mazal Diamond only uses 18 karat gold.  (Don’t confuse diamond karat with diamond carat, carat with a “c” is a measure of weight.)

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White Gold vs Platinum

Now that we have refined the question to focus on white gold, let’s look at a list of the main qualities of gold and platinum.


Stronger (Less flexible, harder to bend)

Scratches Less (Because it’s harder)

Rhodium Plating Wears Off (Rhodium gives shiny, white color)

Less Expensive


Maintains Color & Shine Longer


More Exclusive/Precious

More Expensive

Similarities & Differences

Color. White Gold & Platinum are both white, greyish white is probably more accurate, but never the less referred to as white.  When brand new it’s hard to tell the difference.  Over time however white gold will dull, while platinum will not.  White gold dulls because it rubs off.  Rubs off?  Sounds weird but you need to understand what Rhodium is.  It’s another precious metal which is applied to white gold to give it a uniform color.  The ring is actually dipped in a rhodium bath.  Over time it will wear off and your white gold ring will yellow. Not to fear, you can get it re-dipped.  This is one advantage of platinum, maintaining color.

Shine. Both metals are shiny but white gold wins out thanks to the rhodium.  Besides adding uniform white coloring to gold jewelry, rhodium adds a shine.  The same way the color of white gold will wear off, the shine also rubs off.  That being said, although platinum retains its shine longer, it is less shiny that white gold.

Scratching. Many people think platinum is harder, but it’s not.  White gold is much harder to scratch, because it is a harder metal.

Weight. Platinum is considerably heavier than gold.  This is not an issue for most pieces of jewelry because they are small and don’t weight very much anyway.  However, with larger pieces made with a lot of metal you might notice a difference.  In general weight is not a factor for comfort.

Cost. Gold is less expensive than platinum.  Why?  It’s a matter of the value of the metal, platinum is more exclusive and therefore more expensive.  The increase in price changes based on the ring.  Some rings might be 10% more expensive in platinum while others jump 20% or more in price.  This is a factor of the amount of metal used.  Mazal Diamond’s interactive systems allows you to change metals at the click of a button.  To try it out, visit: engagement rings.

Why Choose Platinum if More Expensive & Scratches Easier?

Platinum is heavier, scratches easier, not as shiny and costs more than gold.  So why would anyone choose it?

In our experience, most diamond engagements rings sold at Mazal Diamond are gold.  However there are plenty of people who prefer and are willing to pay extra for platinum.  The reason?  It maintains its color better, will not yellow.  You won’t have to dip a platinum ring, with white gold you might choose to do so after years of wear.  Platinum, even after worn and scratched, has a unique look that is considered softer and more tender.  And finally, the price.  People are willing to pay more because platinum is more precious and therefore more exclusive.

18k Gold vs 14k Gold

Before we finish our guide about gold or platinum we want to make an important note about the quality of the gold we offer.  Mazal Diamond uses only 18 karat, which has a higher percentage of gold.  As we discussed above, all 3 colors of gold are mixed with other precious metals because gold alone is too soft.  18k gold requires 75% of the mix to be pure gold.  14k gold has a smaller percentage of gold.  So, what’s the difference?

Mazal Diamond Creative Director Stefano Nicoletti is a 3rd generation jewelry designer.  He knows a lot about the many materials used in making diamond jewelry.

“18 karat gold is more precious and has several qualities that I prefer over 14k gold,” says Stefano.  “We choose 18k because the higher percentage of gold affects several things.  The color is better for example.  When we mix other alloys with the gold in our factory, it produces a much nicer color, not worn out.”

“There is another big benefit of having a higher percentage of gold, less oxidation.  Pure gold does not oxidize, but silver does.  14k includes a higher percentage of silver, raising the possibility that the gold jewelry will oxidize.”

“Platinum by the way is also not 100% platinum.  It’s too pliable on it’s own.  We mix in 5-10% of other metals to make it easier to handle.  By the way, would you like to see where your jewelry is made?  Visit the Mazal Diamond Factory.  From our family to yours, making diamond jewelry is our passion.”

Can We Help?

So, now that you have the information, will it be gold or platinum?  We are available to answer any questions you might have.  You can email Stefano by clicking on Ask Stefano on the left side of the page.  And yes, the real Stefano will answer your inquiry personally.  You can also contact our expert staff .. click here to contact us by phone, chat or email.

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