Buying an engagement ring can be very exciting and scary at the same time. Doing your homework is crucial. We have compiled this comprehensive guide with the hope it will impart some of the knowledge we have learned growing up in the diamond jewelry business. Click on any of the following 5 categories for a step by step guide to finding the perfect ring.

How much is enough? We’ll help you decide what is reasonable for your budget.

No we’re not talking about where to propose. The ultimate guide to diamond settings.

Maximizing the 4 C’s & finding the right shape. Our guide to getting the best diamond for less.

Not as easy as you might think. We compare them side by side: price, durability, shine, ease of polishing, style.

Making sure you get what you pay for. Learn how to read a certificate and which labs are the most reputable.

Free Insurance

Tips on making sure you’re covered, just in case. We’ll make it really easy: Mazal Diamond offers 1 year of Free Insurance.

How to Size Rings

How to properly measure your ring finger. Check out our size chart and international ring conversion chart.

Marriage Proposal Stories

Proposal stories that will make you laugh and cry. From the most creative to the most romantic .. relive the exciting moments when she said I DO.