4 Options, What Will You Choose?

Your engagement ring is the symbol of the love between you and your spouse.  Your wedding ring is the symbol of your love and also of your lasting commitment to each other.  With two rings that may or may not be similar in style, what are the different options for wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring?  The answer, more options that you may have thought.

The Ring Finger

The traditional place to wear wedding rings is on the ring finger.  The ring finger is the third finger of your hand, not counting the thumb, and is between the middle finger and the little finger.  This finger became the traditional ring finger because it is believed that the vein running through the left ring finger is connected directly to the heart.  This concept stems from the Greeks and Romans.  Since love flows from our hearts, this finger was considered the appropriate choice for displaying a symbol of love.

Deciding how to wear both your wedding and engagement rings takes thought and consideration.  Should the wedding ring come first or the engagement ring come first?  Many people choose to wear both rings on the same hand and on the same finger, but that is not the only option.  Here are some alternatives to help you make the right decision for you.  By the way, we’d love to hear your thoughts and your tradition.  Send us a comment at the bottom of this article.


Left Hand: Wedding Ring First, Engagement Ring Second

One option is to wear the wedding ring first, closer to the palm of the hand.  This positioning puts the wedding ring closer to your heart.  The engagement ring, symbolizing your love, faces the outside of your hand, “guarding” the wedding ring, the symbol of your lasting commitment.

Left Hand: Engagement Ring First, Wedding Ring Second

Still on the same hand and finger, some women switch the order of their rings, putting the engagement ring on first and then the wedding ring.  Wearing the rings this way shows the progression of your relationship:  first you got engaged and then married.

Left & Right: Separate Hands

If you originally wore your engagement ring on your left ring finger, then switched it to the right ring finger for the wedding ceremony, you may decide to keep the rings in this position and wear them each on a different hand.  If the rings each have a distinct style, they may look better farther from each other, or if you find too many rings on one finger uncomfortable, this is a good option to choose.

Right Hand: Both Rings

Wearing engagement rings and wedding rings on the right hand is not unusual, although not the norm in America.  A left-handed person may prefer to wear her rings on the hand she uses less often.  Some traditions, such as Greek, Spanish and Italian, specifically wear wedding rings and engagement rings on the right hand.  In China, a bride wears her wedding ring on her right hand while the groom wears his wedding ring on the left hand.

However you decide to wear your rings, they will always stand as eternal symbols of the strength of the bond between you and your spouse.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

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