• Diamond Charm Bracelets Buying Guide

    Mark a Milestone Diamond charm bracelets are fun, funky and a much loved jewelry accessory.  Full of meaning, evoking sentimental attachment and containing bags of beauty, they’re appropriate for all ages and look flattering on any wrist.  Projecting an image of style and gracefulness, a diamond charm bracelet given as a gift is sure to be […]

  • Design Engagement Rings

    Fit Your Style & Your Budget Engagement ring designs, there are loads of them and they’re all different.  One thing is for sure, you’ve probably seen a whole variety already, either on the fingers of your many friends or else in jewelry stores you may have visited.  The classic four prong ring with a round […]

  • Diamond Charms Buying Guide

    Choosing a Charm Used to inspire luck, ward off the evil eye or as symbol of belief, charms have been a popular jewelry item since ancient times.  In more recent times charms are used to celebrate happy occasions, as a gift to cement a friendship, a symbol to mark a birthday or anniversary, or simply […]

  • Diamond Necklace Buying Guide

    Charmed with a Chain Diamond necklaces, the ultimate in jewelry apparel showcasing several diamonds around your neck.  From the earliest times when necklaces were the only jewelry worn, to modern times where they are often complemented by rings and bracelets, necklaces have always had their own unique charm.  Diamond necklaces have an additional allure, their […]

  • Diamond Fashion Rings Buying Guide

    Funky & Fashionable They’re big, they’re bold, they’ll be noticed and so will you.  Diamond fashion rings are the answer to your quest for striking jewelry with a more dramatic look.  They can be given to a friend for a birthday or a relative for Christmas or treat yourself just because… What are a Diamond […]

  • Diamond Eternity Ring Buying Guide

    Express your Eternal Love Diamond Rings don’t only mean engagement and wedding rings, they are also a perfect gift idea, so glamorous and stylish, you can never have too many.  What better way to renew you’re pledge of commitment, declare your unending love or show someone you care than with a diamond eternity ring.  Covered […]

  • Diamond Tennis Bracelets Buying Guide

    Your Advantage They’re a classic jewelry apparel, appropriate to wear with any type of clothing every single day, yes, diamond tennis bracelets never have to come off.  Perfectly comfortable and totally secure, modest yet sparkly, classic but still fashionable, it’s no wonder that tennis bracelets are such great gift ideas. What are Tennis Bracelets? Any […]

  • Diamond Anniversary Ring Buying Guide

    Don’t Forget the Big Anniversary! Anniversary rings are a fantastic way to renew your commitment to one another; a symbol to remember that special day, to re-experience the initial excitement and to pledge your lasting loyalty.  For many couples, an improvement in their financial position may enable a more valuable purchase than their wedding rings […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Wedding Rings

    Wonderful Wedding Rings The plain band is out, most modern diamond wedding rings contain at least one diamond.  A ring to last a lifetime, true beauty, sentimental value, marking the most significant moment of your life, a choice you have to get right.  To help you choose the best ring for you, we have brought […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Fashion Rings Gift Ideas

    Show Off Your Diamonds Rings make the perfect fashion accessory, they match all clothing and can be worn for any occasion.  Diamond fashion rings are a great way to express your personality.  The range of possibilities are endless, from bulky and showy to modest and graceful, there are rings to suit all tastes and characters.  […]

  • Diamond Pendants Buying Guide

    Picking the Perfect Pendant When it comes to pendants, diamond pendants are in a class of their own.  Their prominent position on your chest is sure to add extra glamor and allure to your appearance.  The light flashes, fire and sparkle that emanate dazzle all who see them.  The patterns, shapes, types of diamonds, colors […]

  • Diamond Wedding Ring Buying Guide

    Making the Right Choice A public declaration of your love and commitment, a wedding ring is  presented to your loved one in the middle of a meaningful ceremony.  No wonder purchasing such an item is always accompanied by intense excitement and anticipation.  A ring that will be worn every day through easy times and difficult […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Charms Gift Ideas

    Charm your Way into their Heart You can never have too many, which is why charms make such great gifts.  Various combinations can be played with to give you a different bracelet every day.  The fun is endless when it comes to choosing charms; large, small, diamond studded.  Which of these takes your preference?  Can’t […]

  • Diamond Charms Guide

    A Charming Gift Idea Jewelry is supposed to be fun!  It’s all about creating your own style and enjoying the beauty of nature .. diamonds and precious metal.  One of the most popular types of jewelry is the charm bracelet.  They’re also a perfect gift for almost any occasion. When you hear the term charms […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Bracelets Gift Ideas

    Our Best Bracelets To help in your quest to find the perfect adornment for your wrist we have brought together ten of our most popular diamond bracelets.  Scroll down and enter a world of diamond exclusiveness, bracelets expertly designed and uniquely styled to make the perfect gift, jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime. […]

  • Solitaire Diamond Pendant Buying Guide

    A Pendant for Life For a classic, timeless piece of jewelry that can suit any outfit and all occasions look no further than the solitaire pendant.  Loved for its simplicity, worn for its beauty and treasured because it is enduring.  The solitaire diamond pendant is guaranteed to never go out of fashion. Pendants, What Exactly […]

  • Diamond Ring Guide

    Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring From engagement to wedding to anniversaries and special occasions throughout our lives .. diamonds are the perfect choice every time.  There’s just something majestic about these beautiful stones.  And more than any other type of jewelry, diamond rings have become the ultimate symbol of love and commitment.  We are excited […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings

    Showcasing the Most Loved Engagement Rings Diamond engagement rings vary from traditional solitaire rings, to ones with extra side diamonds, to those that are totally extravagant.  Finding the perfect fit engagement ring is essential, given that you’ll be hoping to wear it for the rest of your life.  To assist you in finding that perfectly […]

  • Top 10 Diamond Pendant Gift Ideas

    A Sparkling Gift Idea Choosing a diamond pendant is definitely fun, but it can also be stressful when there is so much choice.  To assist you in your purchase we’ve assembled a collection of the top 10 pendant gift ideas.  A varied selection to suit all styles and budgets.  Let your imagination run wild as […]

  • Diamond Necklace Guide

    Adding Some Serious Sparkle Adorning the body in beauty and style, necklaces are classic jewelry of the ages.  There is little as feminine or dazzling as the flash of diamonds from a woman’s neck.  Diamond necklaces are set apart as the ultimate in diamond apparel. An otherwise simple or understated outfit immediately comes alive with […]

  • Diamond Bangles Buying Guide

    Choosing the Right Bangle Diamond bracelets provide the perfect finish to every outfit.  Their position on your wrist means that unlike necklaces and earrings they are not the focal point of attention.  However, when you raise your wrist or move your arm, their discrete elegance will shine through. What Exactly is a Bangle? Diamond bangles […]

  • Diamond Pendant Guide

    Worn Close to Your Heart Jewelry plays the role of decorating and beautifying its bearer.  A diamond pendant adds that special something to the throat, neck and upper torso.  On a bare neck or over a garment its sparkle and decoration boosts appearance and makes a beautiful contribution to almost any outfit. A pendant is […]

  • Bracelet Guide – Adorn Her Wrist with Diamonds

    The Perfect Accessory A diamond bracelet is a valuable piece of jewelry which exudes glamor and stylish elegance.  A truly significant purchase, diamond bracelets make wonderful gifts for someone really special. A diamond bracelet is a tangible touch of beauty.  Placed on the wrist of a woman it flows with every movement of the arm, […]

  • Diamond Jewelry Buying Basics

    Insider Advice Diamonds have the quality of timeless beauty.  They are in a class of their own and make for meaningful and significant gifts, an asset to every wardrobe.  Buying diamond jewelry is an investment in excellence and value.  They are also a symbol of commitment and love. With the decision to make this special […]

  • Stud Earrings Buying Guide

    Purchasing the Perfect Pair Diamond studs are the quintessential choice of earring for style and class.  We all know diamonds are the precious stone most respected for their unmatched glamor – displaying brilliance, shine and sparkle.  Diamond stud earrings showcase this truly magnificent gem featuring one single focal diamond!  They look classy and add that […]

  • Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

    The Perfect Accessory The key to finding the right pair of earrings is finding the right style to suit the person who’ll be wearing them.  Whether they’re a gift for someone, or even a gift to yourself, the varied range of earrings gives you the space to make the choice which is just right! There […]

  • Earring Guide – Finding the Perfect Accessory

    Matching Your Style Diamond earrings are an incredibly versatile and exciting item of jewelry, making them a trustworthy and welcome gift idea for almost any woman!  They’re also perfect to buy for yourself, a well deserved luxury.  Be it enduring traditional designs or modern fashion trends, there are types for every circumstance!  From the sophisticated […]

  • Promise Rings – Creating a Special Bond

    Perfect for Many Occasions We’ve all heard the term promise ring, but what exactly are they?  Are they like engagement rings?  The truth is, they can have many meanings.   However one thing is clear, by giving a promise ring you are creating a special bond between two people. Making  A Promise The term “promise […]

  • Cluster Engagement Rings – Style & Radiance

    A Cluster of Dazzling Diamonds The name says it all.  A cluster engagement ring features several diamonds which are clustered together.  The design can be simple or fancy, there are no rules, the possibilities are endless.  Cluster rings are a wonderful alternative to traditional solitaire engagement rings because they are often less expensive.  They are […]

  • Princess Cut Engagment Rings

    Tremendous Brilliance If you have fallen in love with the princess cut diamond you are in good company.  It’s the second most popular shape and perfect for engagement rings.  If you were wondering, the round brilliant cut is the most popular.  It’s amazing in some ways how fast the princess diamond became such a favorite, […]

  • Emerald Engagement Rings

    Old World Charm Emerald engagement rings are a glamorous choice.  Just look at the celebrities who have fallen in love with them: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Sharon Stone, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Paris Hilton. You may not be able to afford the large emerald cut diamonds these Hollywood insiders chose .. like the 30 carat emerald […]

  • Diamond Stud Earrings – Pierced Ears at 50

    The Perfect Gift at Any Age This year I was sure exactly what to buy my little sister for her birthday. Every girl loves dressing up – matching clothes, makeup, nails and jewelry…and Jennifer is no different. She loves to look beautiful and she loves earrings. And of course you can`t go wrong when the […]

  • Mother’s Day Gifts – One Mom’s Reflections

    On Marriage, Kids & Mother’s Day It seems like eons ago when my Husband popped the question. My head was so full of light and joy, which seemed to be reflected by the flash and sparkle of the Diamond Engagement Ring he was presenting me! Nowadays, I am blessed beyond words by the passage of […]