“Will You Marry Me?”

There are some moments in our lives which stand out against the backdrop of memories.  These are moments when our world changes, when emotions grow to new proportions.  And for many people one of these moments is when you answer yes to the man who is kneeling down on one knee.

We’ve all heard of proposal stories which made an impression on us.  It could be the glamorous expensive plan which was executed to perfection, maybe it’s the wild and original location or the romantic simplicity.  Engagement rings are only the cherry on the sundae, the fun is in the preparation and the execution.  We’ve collected a few wonderful proposal ideas for you to enjoy.  And maybe get some hints on just how to plan your own moment with your special someone.

Getting the support of a crowd is one way of publicly proclaiming your love. Proposing at a sport stadium displaying a message across the scoreboard is something we’ve seen and enjoyed.  We love the idea of recruiting the help of some street actors who will play out a proposal scene with your names in for an applauding crowd, in time for you to get down on your own knee!  Or just take the mike from the singer at a buzzing restaurant to sing her favorite song and ask her to marry you!

Sandy Sensations will have her nodding in agreement.  A bottle conveniently buried on the beach (in a safe and easily recognizable spot of course) with a rolled up letter exclaiming “SOS!  Will you marry me?  Or a sandcastle built far from the shore with a ring waiting on the top tower.

Gadget Gimmicks are so fun and original!  How about a prepared you tube clip of you proposing to the background of your favorite song – send her the link and be there as she checks it out! Or plan a treasure hunt by setting reminders with the clues on her phone, and be the final treasure, ready with the ring!

Fun and playful. Spelling out the words “Marry Me” in hangman or with fridge magnets, delivering yourself in a huge gift wrapped box, recreating a favorite movie proposal scene or hiding the ring in a box of cereal in the cracker jack package – make her laugh and entice her to say  yes!

Invite family and friends to share the moment. Let your loved ones in on the secret by gathering them together to celebrate and witness the moment when you ask for your darling’s hand.

Classic and Romantic is a sure winner. Being woken up to champagne and roses will make most women smile, but how much wider will that smile be once she realizes that while she was sleeping you took the opportunity to quietly slip on a gorgeous engagement ring?  And then there’s the picnic you got your friends to set up for you in a beautiful and private spot in your favorite park.  The best part is the ring set prominently on top of the picnic basket. Let’s not leave out a secluded mountaintop or exotic beach where its just the birds and fresh air which will share the glorious moment with you.


However you choose to propose it’s the start of a wonderful future together!  We would love you to share the joy of your own proposal stories with us.  Because nothing touches the heart like those 4 words: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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