Mating Snakes Crash Through Australian Couple’s Roof

A few amorous snakes managed to split the roof of a Aussie house with their combined weight while having sex. Australia is certainly one helluva nation, isn’t it?

Matt Hagan, associated with Cairns Snake Catcher Twitter web web page, had been called to a house on Friday following the owners spotted the huge crack and the frisky snakes above it.

Jason Legg and Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catcher. Credit: Cairns Snake Catcher

Hagan climbed up to see the roof cavity and saw two scrub pythons, around 5m in length, intertwined. Romantic, eh?

He told Cairns Post: “these people were a reproduction set, so that they were curled up together.

“It really is unusual to buy them that big within the roof. But it is a start that is good the reproduction period!”

Well, i am certain the snakes you interrupted have take that is different the problem, but we have your point, mate.

However it appears as though other amethystine pythons, also referred to as scrub pythons, defintely won’t be defer, with Hagan saying they truly are set to be rowdy that is pretty the second month or two of their reproduction period, which runs from July towards the end of September.

Hagan added: ” They generate a complete great deal of sound.

Matt Hagan rescued this snake that is huge a couple’s home in Cairns. Credit: Cairns Snake Catcher

“it can get pretty wild as males fight each other to impress females if you are lucky enough to host a scrub python party in your roof space this breeding season.

“Sometimes these interactions may result in strange smells wafting through various spaces, and damage that is even structural your home in the shape of ceiling stains or cracks.”

Strange smells, noisy noises and injury to ceilings? Appears great. It appears as if Hagan while the Cairns Snake Cather business is supposed to be held busy into the weeks that are coming.

Interestingly, or maybe perhaps maybe not, this is not the first-time some body has called in pest control after a few snakes dropped through their roof.

Snake catcher Lana Field ended up being called away to a true house in Brisbane following a resident called around tell her two snakes had dropped through a ceiling vent after engaging in a scrap floating around ducts.

Industry explained that the set had been fighting, probably over a lady, and because they were too caught up in beating their opponent that they were unlikely to go for a human at this point. We do believe I’d simply take her term for the, to tell the truth.

Featured Image Credit: Cairns Snake Catcher

Claire Reid

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