Clipped on Tight

Earrings are probably the most popular jewelry item around.  Worn by many women each and every day, earrings are a must for any fashion conscious lady.  The style of earring will often change to fit the occasion, outfit and image you wish to project.  An essential part of the earring is the backing, after all, without a secure back the earring will just slip out of your ear.  The omega earring back is an example of an earring back that’s becoming more popular all the time.  Let’s find out more.

What is an Omega Earring Back?

They’re called Omega backs for a good reason.  A hinge is attached to the clip which allows the clip to flip up from the back of the earring to the back of your earlobe.  The clip usually takes the form of a hinged wire which looks like the Greek letter Omega Ώ, hence the name.  Omega backs for pierced ears are essentially an adaption of the style traditionally used for clip on earrings.  The difference is that instead of the hinge squeezing against the ear lobe, a post is attached to the hinge which passes through the pierced hole in your ear lobe.

Advantages of an Omega Back

There are two qualities that most people want from their earring backs: security and ease of use; omega earrings have both.  They are incredibly safe; no chance of your earring falling out with this backing.  Plus, they are really simple to use.  Given that the earring is just one piece they are a lot less fiddly to put on compared to earring clasps such as friction backs which are prone to getting lost.   Just think, with these backs they’ll be no need to try and keep hold of that tiny butterfly which keeps getting caught in your clothes.  Omega equals ultimate user friendliness.

So, are there any problems?

Nothing major, however, some people can find omega backs a little uncomfortable.  This is more of a problem with the clip on styles that may squeeze the ear lobe.  Very often, ultimate security leads to less comfort.  You can’t have it all.  With the pierced earring styles, the backing should be comfy most of the time.  If the backing isn’t comfortable it’s probably because they the earring is too tight, in which case the backs merely need to be loosened with a pair of pliers.  Simply, use the pliers to make a slight bend in the metal at the base of the omega back.  Be careful not to loosen the earring too much, earrings always look best when they sit neatly and tightly on the ear lobe.

To Conclude..

Omega earring backs are a fantastic backing choice, totally secure and so easy to use; they are the perfect solution for a woman who is always in a rush.  If the earrings are too tight they can be adapted with ease and, best of all they sit snugly against the earlobe.  There is no chance of the earrings moving which means that they will always be positioned correctly ensuring that your diamond earrings dazzle just like they’re meant to.

Buying Earrings

Choosing earrings is always so much fun, whether picking a pair for yourself or a friend.  Deciding on the most appropriate earring back is just one choice you’ll have to make if you are planning to purchase a pair.

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