Diamond Shape: Oval

The Oval Diamond is an elongated, brilliant cut, elliptical in shape and possessing a unique elegance and old world sophistication. A well cut oval possesses magnificent fire and light and has the wonderful effect of making the wearer’s hand look slender and longer.

The Specifications:

The oval shape diamond has 56 to 58 facets which is the same amount as a round shape diamond and exhibits sparkling brilliance between that of the round and the marquise shaped diamond. One of its great benefits is its lengthening effect, while still retaining the “round look, making fingers look more slender and longer. Another benefit is that the diamond look (when viewed face up from above) is usually bigger per carat weight, than other shapes. For example, an oval one carat diamond will look larger than a one carat princess cut of similar quality.

Highly versatile, this shape can be used in almost any setting, although it is far less popular than the classic round brilliant cut.

Optimal Length to Width Ratios for this stone are mostly a matter of preference, but you’re safe when sticking between 1.3 – 1.7.

*Length to width Ratio is the proportion of the diamond’s top to bottom measurement compared to side to side – this will affect how you see the diamond when looking down at it.

Celebrity Diamonds:

Toni Braxton accepted her “love song” from musician Keri Lewis – a 4.5 carat Oval diamond framed by a heart shaped diamond on each stones.

Whitney Houston received a huge 10 carat oval diamond, bearing a trilliant shaped diamond on either side.

A Designer’s View:

Stefano Nicoletti, Mazal Diamond Creative Director and 3rd generation jewelry designer shares his thoughts.

This shape was highly popular in the 70’s and 80’s in many settings. Today it is used mainly for brooches, necklaces and bracelets, much less commonly in rings.

I call this shape (and the pear shape, heart shape and marquise shape) a “dangerous shape” because if it doesn’t have perfect proportions, it looks empty and lacks sparkle and brilliance and even showing the butterfly or bowtie effect (a dark patch across the middle).

A firm classic and perfect for brooches and pendants, an oval diamond set in 4 prongs will give it maximum display. It is striking in a 3 stone ring with one large oval and two smaller ovals on either side.

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