Diamond Shape: Pear

Envision a delicate drop of water, a single tear falling. The beautiful fluidity of the Pear Shaped diamond evokes delicate calm, with elegant sophistication.  It is easy to equate this magnificent, glistening Diamond to the Greek myth that diamonds are the “Teardrops of the Gods”.  An exquisite choice for one with refined, up market taste.

The Specifications:

Brilliant cut, usually with 58 facets to bring out its fire, the pear shape is a variant of the round brilliant cut and marquise shaped diamond, bringing the definitive point along with the soft round edges.

The Pear exhibits beautiful sparkle, but one should pay attention to the depth and proportions of this stone to avoid dark, dull “bow tie” patches across the center, where the light does not properly travel.

Pear Shaped Diamonds should appear larger per carat weight than many other shapes of equal quality, often measuring 8mmx5mm per 1 carat as opposed to the round at 6.4mm.

Great care in the setting of this stone is necessary to protect its delicate and fragile tip.

Pear Cuts may be long and thin, or fat and short, allowing for a wide variance of the proportions for this stone.

As a general idea, optimal length to width ratios* for Pear Diamonds are between 1.45 – 1.75.

*Length to width Ratio is the proportion of the diamond’s top to bottom measurement compared to side to side – this will affect how you see the diamond when looking down at it.

Celebrity Diamonds:

Always a unique, stylish and elegant woman, Liza Minelli wore a 3.5 carat Pear Shaped Diamond from her then fiancé, David Gest.

A Designers View:

Stefano Nicoletti, our Creative Director, 3rd generation in the business of what he calls – “the physical expression of love”, shares his thoughts.

I am always cautious with the proportions of the beautiful pear shape, when not exact the diamond may look empty and dark. I find this shape ideal for pendants because they complement each other with its natural falling drop. The setting is important to provide protection to the fragile point; I suggest a bezel setting or 3 prongs, two on the sides and a v at the bottom.

In classic Designs I love the point facing up but it can be gorgeous in more modern interpretations with the point down.

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