• Why is Rhodium used with White Gold Jewelry?

    Making Your Jewelry Shine Rhodium is a special finish which gives white gold some added shine and a whiter color.  It is obtained by using a galvanic treatment which is done by dipping the jewelry piece in a bath where a few micron thin layer of Rhodium (metal dissolved in the bath) adheres by electrolysis.  […]

  • Silver Education – Sterling Silver Jewelry

    Silver: Fashionable & Affordable Silver is a stunning, versatile metal used since ancient times in creating pieces of great beauty and value.  The soft, bright white sheen of this precious metal is a long recognized symbol of elegance and affluence. What is Silver? Silver is a natural, metallic element with a symbol of Ag on […]

  • Platinum Education – Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

    Precious Platinum Platinum is the precious metal which is most recognized for its luster, durability and rarity.  Jewelry crafted from this precious metal is extremely valuable and beautiful, providing a sheer sheen and solid strength.  Sophisticated and understated, platinum is the way to go for classy elegance and long lasting wear. What is Platinum? Platinum […]

  • Gold Education – 18k White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold

    There’s Just Something Special About Gold Gold was one of the first known metals. Its beauty, versatile and useful physical characteristics, and scarcity help continue to make it a very valuable commodity. Gold won’t tarnish, rust, or corrode, and though it’s very strong, is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. One single gram […]