They Match Her Engagement Ring

Prince William, the  Duke of Cambridge, has done it again.  First, he gave his new bride Kate the wedding ring worn by her mother, a stunning sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  Now, Prince William has given his mother’s matching earrings, which are believed to have been among Princess Di’s most prized pieces of jewelry.

In June the Royal Couple visited North America, their first trip there as bride and groom.  In fact it was one of their first trips anywhere after their wedding which was a major worldwide event.  During the trip Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was seen wearing the sapphire and diamond earrings.

An insider tells The Daily Mail of London: “Now that they’re married, William wanted her to have some of his mother’s favorite pieces.”

Princess Di wore the earrings often before her death in 1997.  She wore them to dozens of events during the 1980’s and into the 1990’s.

They are not exactly the same pair.  Kate took the original earrings and gave them her personal touch.

Kate reportedly took the original sapphire studs and turned them into diamond drop earrings.  They match perfectly now with her sapphire engagement ring which Princess Di wore.  The dangling earrings feature a single sparkling blue sapphire which is surrounded by diamonds.  The engagement ring, which is 18 carats, is also the same design.

A New Trend

Traditional engagement rings do not feature sapphires, but perception is changing a bit following the royal wedding.

Princess Diana’s ring, which is now Princess Kate’s ring, is selling like wildfire in England and across the world.  The image on the left is a replica, selling for less than £10 in London.  Most people prefer the cheap copy, sold on the street in souvenir shops.

However there are people who want the real thing, and companies rushed to make copies right after the announcement was made, during the engagement.

Replicas of the drop earrings will likely soon be on sale.

Comments about the earrings have flooded websites, blogs and have been fodder for fashion magazines and tv programs.  Many people are saying that Catherine is proving to be less flashy than Diana, going for a fresh modern yet traditional look.  What’s your opinion?  Send us a comment below.

Talking about royal jewelry, the jewels that Kate wore to her wedding on April 29th are on display at Buckingham Palace for a few months.  Here are a few of the items being displayed.  First, the Cartier tiara, referred to as the halo tiara.  It was purchased in 1936 for Queen Elizabeth – that’s the mother of the current Queen.  Matching earrings that Kate’s parents gave to their daughter can also be seen.  They were made by Robinson Pelham for the big event.  Also on display, Kate Middleton’s dazzling wedding dress from Alexander McQueen.

If you have any pictures from the exhibit, send them our way and we’ll post them with your name!

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