Diamond Shape: Princess Cut

The Princess Diamond is a trendy move from the traditional round to the definitive rectangular stone with its straight corners. It’s the second most popular diamond shape behind the round brilliant cut. In the less than 50 years it has been around the Princess Cut has undergone a revival, sweeping up the sleek and stylish with its fun and flair. Glamorous guys have used this glittering shape to woo gorgeous girls, becoming very fashionable as a solitaire engagement ring!

The specifications:

Depending on the size of the gem, and the quality of the cut -the amount of facets contained in the princess ranges anywhere from 48 up to a large 78 for greater life.

Being a square shape, the princess cut should have more depth, ie facets in the bottom of the diamond, which allows more carats on the pavilion.

This in turn brings out the most amount of fire. One should beware of the thinner girdle causing fragility  and pointed corners  which tend to show color and lose light, on this particular shape.

This shape allows for the least amount of rough diamond to be lost during the cutting process – about 40%, making it a highly cost and resource efficient diamond to create.

The diameter of this diamond is smaller per carat than other shapes of the same weight, meaning they will look smaller when looking at them from above. A 1 ct princess will look smaller than a 1ct round.

The high level of Brilliance from the many facets in this shape can help make flaws less noticeable.

Optimal Length to width ratios* for Princess Diamonds:
When choosing a square princess, between 1.0 – 1.05.
For a rectangular shaped princess, a ratio of 1.1 and greater will be best.

Length to width Ratio is the proportion of the diamonds top to bottom measurement compared to side to side – this will affect what the diamond looks like when looking down at it.

Celebrity Diamonds:

As an introduction to her lavish wedding, Star Jones Reynolds chose a 5carat Princess Diamond to decorate her finger. Kevin Costner proposed to Christine Baumgartner with a decadent five carat princess, delicately set in a interwoven leaf patterned band, a show of their love of nature!

A Designers View:

Stefano Nicoletti, Mazal Diamond Creative Director, 3rd generation in the business of what he calls – “the physical expression of love”, shares his thoughts.

The Princess Shape has tremendous brilliance from its many facets, it sparkles and shines and is most eye-catching.

It is challenging to incorporate the pointed ends of a princess diamond into many types of jewelry, yet I love the Princess when used as a framing stone, part of an intricate design.

A Princess set flush in the shank of the ring enables its brilliance to come out in a genuine, delicate form.  It also adds sparkle when used as a side stone.

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