An Emerald for Elvis’s grandaughter

Riley Keough appears to have gotten engaged to co star Alex Pettyfer.  Keough is the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and daughter of Lisa-marie Presley who thrilled the media with her romances, most notably when she married king of pop Michael Jackson.

The couple have been seeing each other since September after meeting on the set of Magic Mike.  Filming may be over but it seems that the couple are still enjoying spending quality time together.

Engagement Rumors

Rumors of the engagement first surfaced when Riley was spotted wearing what appears to be an engagement ring.  The couple were photographed having lunch at Le Petit Four restaurant in Los Angeles, with Keough wearing the “give away” ring.   As of yet the couple have not confirmed the news but sources close to the pair have hinted to US weekly that the rumors are likely to be true.

The Engagement Ring

The gem stone used in the engagement ring appears to be either a princess or radiant cut emerald.

Using an emerald for an engagement ring is still an unusual choice; diamonds are by far the most popular gem for engagement rings.  It could be that Keough chose an emerald for the intense turquoise color which is undeniably stunning.  Finding a naturally green colored diamond would have been a lot more difficult, but it would have left us in no doubt about the extent of their love.  A one carat green diamond can sell for between $60,000 and $125,000, and had the actor chosen a one carat fancy intense green diamond it would have set Pettyfer back more than $125,000! It’s no wonder he went for an emerald.

Princess or Radiant

It’s hard to tell the exact shape of the emerald.  The princess is a square shape stone with sharp corners whereas the radiant has rounded corners.  The princess is the second most popular cut for diamonds but its pointed corners means that only certain settings can be used.  There are loads more options when it comes to setting a radiant shape because the rounded corners are unlikely to cause any damage.  Whichever Riley chose for her engagement ring it definitely looks like a beautiful choice.

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