Diamond Shape: Round Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant Shape is the most classic and traditional shape of all. The dazzling sparkle of a perfectly cut round brilliant diamond is unparalleled; it is the shape which flashes into our head at the first mention of the word. Round Brilliants account for more than three quarters of Diamonds on the market!! The next most popular shape is the Princess Cut.

The Specifications:

In a round brilliant diamond there are a traditional 58 facets; 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion. It is shaped like a cone, formed when the diamond is cut to bring about a tapering pavilion, leading up to a round, or circular girdle and topped off by a tapering circular crown.

Research into diamond light properties and focus on creating specific ideal proportions has been vastly centered on the round brilliant.

The round diamond shape is optimized for light refraction, so that the light both enters and exits the crown, thus producing the best possible fire and scintillation. Because of its exceptional light display qualities, even a lower quality clarity, color or even cut can still be striking, more so than any other shape.

To attain perfect proportions, a higher percentage of carat weight from the original diamond must be sacrificed than in other shapes(Sounds like the saying “No pain, no gain”), this makes finished round diamonds more valuable than others.

A round brilliant of highest quality will be the most beautiful, most dazzling that a diamond can be!

The optimum length to width ratio* for a round diamond is 1.0 – 1.2. Average ranges up to 1.5.

Length to width Ratio is the proportion of the diamonds top to bottom measurement compared to side to side – this will affect what the diamond looks like when looking down at it.

Celebrity Diamonds:

Undoubtedly, the Classic Round Diamond holds its place as top choice to get the cherished woman in your life to say “Yes”; Famous Celebrities are no exception to the attraction of the fire and luster of this perfect shape.

Barbra Streisand, said “I do” with a one-carat round on her finger, America Ferrera , the “Ugly Betty” star received a 4-carat round diamond in a platinum setting. In the famous Jay Leno live proposal, Angie Harmon said yes to hers, Mary J Blige, Queen of soul, boasts a whopping 5- carat round, surrounded by baguette cut diamonds and Madonna’s token of love from Guy Ritchie was a ring with a total 5-carats worth of round Diamonds!!!

A Designers View:

Stefano Nicoletti, Mazal Diamond Creative Director, 3rd generation in the business of what he calls – “the physical expression of love”, shares his thoughts.

The round Diamond is undisputedly perfect. This classic shape pays respect to the natural shape of a diamond, to its crystals and its naturally crusty edges which beg for rounding, smoothing and polishing. The fire and luster of the Round Diamond is incomparable!

The round diamond, the oldest of all shapes, is part of our diamond culture and provides the diamond imagery in our heads.

Its fluidity works beautifully in each and every setting, on any piece of jewelry. It is the round diamond which provides the tiny diamonds for a pave setting and also radiates incredible light when set alone.  Fancy cut diamonds tend to be more beautiful when bigger – round diamonds are gorgeous no matter what the size.

My vision of the classic engagement ring is certainly a Round-Brilliant Diamond, set in a 6 prong mounting – Clean, Simple – Magnificent!

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