The Classic Diamond Engagement Ring

Here I am introducing you my first ever solitaire ring design.  Coming from a jeweler family, I had the privilege of seeing many rings during my formative years.  My creative process therefore goes through my memory first and my own sense of aesthetics filters them.  I somehow reduced classical shapes to their true essence, exfoliating decorations and tinsels to achieve what I deemed the ideal solitaire.  (Stefano Nicoletti is Mazal Diamond Creative Director)

The line of the shank, the real body of the ring, is tapered growing from its lower part where it is stronger, to a thinner top. It represents, in my imagination, the power that supports the levity of the feeling of Love.  This means STRENGTH.

As a designer, I tried to give a sinuous feeling to the ring so it’s pleasant and comfortable when one wears it, soft and gentle at touch.  This means THOUGHTFULNESS.

The diamond is set with four prongs, trellis shaped so they are thinner at the top yet remaining strong and secure.  It means SAFETY.

A well-cut diamond has 8 kite-shaped facets on the crown, starting from its table.  The diamond will be set so that four of the eight facets will correspond to the prongs, in perfect symmetry.  This is BALANCE.

Classic and modern at the same time this solitaire engagement ring represents to me anything I deem important in a piece of jewelry.  Its incredibly powerful symbolism and the eternal beauty of the diamond say the rest.

The design shown above, my first solitaire ring design, is officially called .. Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring 4 Prong Trellis Setting

You can see it, and all of my designs at this link .. featuring diamond engagement rings

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