• History of Diamond mining part 2

    Diamonds in War and Peace The ethereal quality of diamonds has been the reason for a lot of conflict around the world, especially in Africa. As people began to realize the qualities of diamonds, its importance and price soared up and demand for the precious gemstone led to illegal mining and smuggling of diamonds. Diamond […]

  • History of Diamond Mining part 1

    Diamond Mining – Then and Now   Diamonds have captivated humans with their charm since the early days. The ancient Greek believed that the mesmerizing gemstones were the tears of the Gods that had fallen down to earth. Egyptians believed that diamonds had mystical powers; while in India, the possession of a diamond was highly […]

  • Top Biggest Diamond Mines in the world

    The three Biggest Diamond Mines in the World The fascinating diamond industry has led to the exploration of diamond mines around the world in the search for huge deposits of diamonds. The valuable gemstone has been the core of many conflicts in regions where diamond mining abounds. We have listed three of the world’s biggest […]

  • Welcome to Mazal Diamond

    Mazal Diamond, Your Personal Jeweler I would like to introduce myself as Creative Director of this very exciting project. I grew up in the Jewelry industry in Italy – which has been my family business for generations.  Together with my technical expertise I would like to offer you all the passion and moral values that […]