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Welcome to the big, beautiful world of Diamonds and fine Diamond Jewelry, nature’s masterpiece! Navigate your way and discover how to make informed choices purchasing your very own diamond. Choose the perfect gift for a loved one or treat yourself.  Selecting a diamond is a very personal process. Learning the 4 C’s is a great first step which will reveal the almost endless choices in the interplay of these variables, making the blueprint for each Diamond. It is these individual preferences that make the diamond purchase a unique and wonderful experience.

When people think diamonds they automatically think of the 4 C’s.  The term was created by the GIA, one of the most respected diamond grading labs, in the 1940’s and 50’s as a way to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds. These qualities together will determine a diamond’s beauty and ultimately its value.

Although all of the 4 C’s are important, we would like to suggest that you pay close attention to 2 of them: Cut & Color. Mazal Gemologists hand select every diamond to maximize fire, sparkle & brilliance.  The key is choosing a well cut diamond to enhance the stone’s ability to reflect light.  The second most important factor is color.  The more yellow a stone the more it will diminish the diamond’s brilliance.

Diamonds are a pure, natural product of the earth and each one is completely unique.  So no matter which one you choose it will be special to you.


How many carats is your diamond?  Let’s be honest, carat weight is the C that people are most interested in.  Maybe that’s because it is believed to be the single most important factor in determining the price of a diamond.  All stones are weighed using a standardized system of metric carats, which represents a fraction of a gram (1/5 of gram > 1.00 carat = 0.2 gram) with each carat divided into points.  1 carat = 100 points.  It’s very important to note that carat refers only to a diamond’s weight and not the size.  Each diamond of a certain weight has ideal proportions which will maximize its fire and brilliance, any compromise may be trading beauty for bulk.

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The only of the Diamond qualities which is man-made, cut, is the most important.  Mazal Gemologists maintain that the allure of a diamond depends more on cut than anything else.  Not to be confused with diamond shape, the cut refers to its proportions.  A diamond’s cut basically determines how the stone will reflect light back to your eye.  A high quality cut will fuel the fire, sparkle and brilliance of your diamond.  A poorly cut stone will give a dark, dull and even lifeless appearance regardless of the color or clarity.

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Get ready to think differently about this C.  Color doesn’t refer to what you can see, instead it refers to what you cannot see.  The less color, or the more white a diamond appears, the higher the color grade it receives, ranging from D to Z.  Diamonds with a D color, absolutely colorless, are extremely rare.  After cut, color is the next most important of the 4 c’s. Why?  Once you choose a well cut diamond to maximize the light it reflects, the color of the diamond will be the next step to determine how brightly and successfully that light will be transmitted through the diamond.  Choosing a stone with a better color rating becomes more important when you select a white gold or platinum setting.

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Just like us, every diamond is unique. This is where clarity comes in. When Diamonds are extracted from the earth, most come with internal as well as external birthmarks.  A diamond’s clarity refers to the absence of these inclusions (internal) or blemishes (external).  After extensive testing, diamonds are given one of 11 possible clarity grades, ranging from FL to I3.  Even if you have two diamonds of the same clarity they will still never be the same because the birthmarks will be in different locations.

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Setting a Standard to Maximize the 4 C’s.

Since 1920 Mazal Diamond has been manufacturing diamonds and diamond jewelry based on the strictest standards.  Mazal Gemologists often reject stones that many other companies deem acceptable.  For our pre-selected jewelry items, only top quality diamonds are hand selected based on the following standards of color, cut and clarity.

To guarantee the quality of your purchase, ALL diamonds from Mazal are evaluated by one of the top 3 independent diamond grading labs in the world: IGIGIA or HRD.  Every diamond comes with a free diamond certificate including a grading report.

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Mazal Guarantees all diamonds are Conflict Free. See the Mazal Diamond Conflict Free Guarantee.

To ensure the most beautiful diamonds anywhere, Mazal also has a strict policy regarding enhancements. Absolutely no color adjustments are made and the use of heat treatments are forbidden.  In addition all diamond jewelry comes with a non-refurbished guarantee.

MAZAL DIAMOND, dedicated to quality and earning your trust.

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