Diamond Shape: Trilliant Cut

For a daring, bold and rare diamond cut, the trilliant is an original way to make a statement!  Fiery and Brilliant, when well cut these diamonds are sure to draw attention for their edgy attitude and symmetrical splendor.

The Specifications:

Trilliant, Trillion or Triangle Brilliant these diamonds are triangular shaped, 3 sided stones coming together at 3 points. Sometimes the sides are softer and almost round with gentle points and others may be very angled and straight with sharp points – or any combination in between. Personal preference makes all these options beautiful but symmetry and equal sides is quite important for a professional and eye pleasing look.

This relatively new shape is a unique cut, often from flattened, triangular rough stones. This accounts for the trilliant commonly being thin, containing fewer facets than other brilliant cuts. Trilliants may look bigger than other shapes per carat weight because of this shallowness.

Another factor of the shallow cut means that any surface dirt will compromise the light interplay; therefore keeping your trillant diamond clean is an important way of assuring maximum sparkle.

The 3 pointed ends are fragile and susceptible to breakage so they need adequate protection in the setting.

Predominantly uses as accent or side stones for other fancy shapes, when well proportioned they can be bright and sparkly and make for stunning centerpieces.

Clarity in this shape is important as its thin depth will make it easier to notice inclusions.

Optimal Length to width ratios* for Trilliant Diamonds is 1.0 , for perfect symmetry.

Triangular Brilliants have a huge variety when it comes to their proportions, so they are best judged by the eye, or if buying online, from a highly reputable vendor.

*Length to width Ratio is the proportion of the diamond’s top to bottom measurement compared to side to side – this will affect how you see the diamond when looking down at it.

Celebrity Diamonds:

Kimberley Buffington proudly wears a rare, triangular shaped canary diamond perched on a platinum, pave accented band.

Whitney Houston received a huge 10 carat oval shaped diamond, bearing a trilliant on either side.

David Beckham, proposed to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham with a 3 carat marquise shaped diamond, flanked by two trilliants.

A Designers View:

Stefano Nicoletti, Mazal Diamond Creative Director, 3rd generation in the business of what he calls – “the physical expression of love”, shares his thoughts.

Trilliants are an ideal cut to be used as side stones to enhance a bigger center, giving more light and importance to any shape. Commonly as part of a 3 stone ring, forming the two sides, and widely used to accompany colored gems. The 3 corners MUST be duly protected by the setting as they are fragile. It is rare to find good quality, large trilliants, worthy of being center stones, but they can be truly marvelous.

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