Backed Up With a Butterfly

Everyone loves wearing earrings; the position just by your face makes you look so glamorous.  The earrings glisten and shine and add radiance to your appearance.  Diamond stud earrings are arguably the most popular earring choice, they are so versatile which means that can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion.  Earrings that dangle are generally easier to keep in your ear because the weight of the earring helps the earring stay in place; a fish hook metal piece hangs down at the back of the ear providing balance and ensuring that your earrings don’t fall out.  Stud earrings require a metal piece to be put on the back of the earring so that the earring doesn’t exit the hole on its own accord.  The most popular backings for stud earrings are colloquially known as butterflies.

What exactly is a butterfly backing?

Butterflies; can you guess where the name comes from?  It’s pretty obvious if you have seen them, the earring backing consists of a metal disk shaped like a butterfly.  They feature two small loops, aka the butterfly wings, with a small hole in the center.

The earring is put through the pierced ear hole and is then clipped into the hole in the butterfly.  The butterfly wings fulfill two purposes, they provide balance for the earring so that it stays close to the ear and they also provide you with something to hold onto in order to pull the earring out of your ear.  Earrings look their best when they fit snugly against the ear lobe; butterfly backs ensure that this is always the case.

How to put on earrings with a butterfly back

Use clean hands to prevent any risk of infection.  With one hand push the earring through the hole in your ear.  Next, use your other hand to hold the butterfly as close as possible to the back of your ear.  Hold the earring tightly and move it around until you find the hole in the butterfly, push the earring through the hole until you feel it is securely in place.  Take care not to push the earring too far into the butterfly, if you do push the earring too far it will pinch your ear and will feel quite uncomfortable.  If you feel your earrings pressing too tightly against your ear, simply pull the earrings out slightly until they feel comfortable.  Once you have got used to wearing butterfly earrings you should be able to put them on with just one hand, however using two hands is always the safer option.

How to remove earrings with a butterfly back

Butterfly earrings are very easy to remove; clutch the back of the butterfly with one hand and the earring with the other hand and gently pull them until they come apart.  If they are difficult to separate then twist the butterfly until it loosens.

How safe are butterfly backs?

The fact that butterflies are so easy to remove may actually be a problem because they are liable to fall off if anything pulls against them.  Are you wondering what could possibly pull off the backs of your earrings accidentally?  It’s actually quite obvious what the problem is.  If you pull a piece of clothing over your head when you have your earrings on, there is a possibility that your earrings will fall off into the clothing.  You may not even be aware that your earrings have come out since many people are unable to feel when their earrings are missing …. Moral of the story, be extra cautious when wearing earrings with butterfly backs to ensure that they don’t accidentally fall off.

If your butterflies do fall off you should obviously try and find them since they are unlikely to have gone very far.  However, in the event that you are unable to locate them, you don’t need to be very concerned.  They can be replaced very easily, in fact it is possible to buy a packet of butterflies reasonably cheaply.  You do however need to check that the hole in the butterfly is the right size for your earrings.  On the other hand your diamond earrings are not as easy to replace, so take extra care to ensure that they don’t get lost.

Can butterflies get stuck in my ear?

The answer is actually, yes they can .. but don’t worry too much, it’s not something that happens very often.  Generally it is only children who are at risk of getting the butterfly stuck in their ear.  This tends to happen if children fiddle with them whilst they are in their ears and then end up pushing them back into the pierced hole, getting them stuck.  So what should you do if your child gets a butterfly stuck in their ear?  First of all, don’t panic, simply, wash the hole with warm water and you should be able to force the butterfly out.  If this doesn’t work and if the ear lobe is swollen try numbing the area with ice, if you still have no success a trip to the doctor is probably necessary.

Butterfly backs are a great choice of backing for your earrings, they are cheap, comfortable and easy to use, which may explain why they are such a popular choice.

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