Ultimate Security

Every woman has a personal preference when it comes to choosing earrings, some prefer studs whilst others love earrings that dangle and sway when they move.  Many women and some men also have there are own favorite type of earring back, some people will even replace the backing on every earring they purchase … and why not.  After all choosing jewelry is all about your tastes and preferences and the back of your earring is no less important than the front.  A good earring backing needs to ensure that your earring stays where it belongs, right on the ear lobe so it can sparkle and shine and add glamor to your appearance.  Locking back earrings are a relatively new style of earring backs; a backing with many benefits.

What is a Locking Back?

Locking backs consist of thin domed shaped discs with a small hole that the earring posts can be pushed into.  On either side of the earring backing there are small notches which when compressed causes the hole to widen and the earring to come out.  Sounds quite simple, however, that’s not always the case, it can sometimes be difficult to remove earrings with this type of backing.

How to Remove an Earring with a Locking Back

Using one hand, squeeze the two notches on either side of the earring backing, use the other hand to keep hold of the earring ensuring that it doesn’t fall down when the backing is removed.  If the earring feels stuck, then you will need to pull both the earring and backing to break them apart.  Not really the ideal backing for those who are always in a rush, but remember, there is always a downside to a high level of security.

Secure and Comfy

If you are the kind of person that likes to sleep with your earring still in your ear or you insist on keeping them in when playing contact sports then locking backs are a the perfect solution.  They are absolutely impossible to dislodge without intent.  So there will be no crawling around the floor in a desperate search for your earring if they are secured with these backings.  Not only are they the ultimate in security they are also a very comfortable option.  They will keep your earring in exactly the right place on your ear lobe so that you can wear your earrings in true style.

Locking backs are a great way to ensure that your diamond stud earrings don’t go missing.  If you plan on wearing your earrings 24/7 then they are the ideal backing.  But, remember a little patience is necessary when putting them on and taking them off.  They are not as user friendly as the more common butterfly backing and they are also a little more expensive, but you can be sure that they won’t get lost.

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