The Most Common Backing

The different options for earrings are vast, from stud earrings to fancy dangle earrings, you can find something to suit all tastes and styles.  Jewelers have not only come up with a whole range of designs for the actual earrings, they have also designed various backs to ensure that your earrings stay in your ear.  Earring backs are especially important for stud earrings because without the back there is absolutely no way your earrings will stay in your ear.  A common type of earring backing is a push back, sometime called push back posts.

What are Push Back Posts?

Push back posts are cheap, simple and effective earring backs; they are comprised of a small metal post which contains a small hole which the earring can be pushed into.  Push backs are very similar to the popular butterfly back and differ only in their shape, in fact some jewelers will refer to butterfly backs as a type of push back.  For earrings to look great they need to sit right on the ear lobe, without squeezing the ear.  Push back posts are a great backing for keeping your studs in place.

Wearing Earrings with Push Back Posts

We all have those days when we sleep through our alarm clock, and have to rush to get dressed so we can be at work on time.  At times like this you don’t want to spend any extra time fiddling with difficult jewelry clasps.  The great thing about earrings is that they can be put on whilst your are on the move.

Diamond stud earrings with push back posts are really quick and easy to put on.  Simply hold the earring front with one hand and put the earring through your pierced ear hole.  With your other hand hold the backing against the earring and push into the earring.  Hey Presto, your done; a beautiful adornment that will sparkle and shine adding glamor and style to your appearance.

The styles of studs shown here feature the prong setting, on the left, and the bezel setting, on the right.  There are many different types of diamond settings, but whichever you choose it will not affect the backing.

Take Care with your Earrings

Everyone has had the experience of crawling around the floor searching, usually in vain, for a lost earring backing.  It goes without saying that a small earring backing can be dropped and then lost.  We have two pieces of advice to offer you to prevent this from happening.  Firstly, make sure to always grip the earring post tightly between two fingers so that it doesn’t fall to the floor.  Secondly, be very careful when putting on or taking off t-shirts or sweatshirts if you are wearing  your earrings, it’s very easy to get your earring caught in your clothes when you pull your top over your ears, so take care.  Obviously you don’t want to lose your precious diamond earrings but if you do loose the backing, it really is no big deal.  Push back posts are a cheap backing option that can easily be replaced when lost.

A Safe and Comfortable Option

Once your earrings are securely in your ear, they are perfectly safe and unless something pulls against them they will not come off.  Your earrings should also be very comfortable; in fact, after a while of wearing them you will probably forget that they are there.  If you do find that your earrings are squeezing your ear, simply pull the earring out of the backing slightly to loosen it.

Push backs are very useful earring backing option that are cheap to make and easy to use.  They can be used for all types of stud earrings, for example fashion stud earrings and three stone diamond fashion earrings.

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