Screwed in Your Ear

Earrings definitely take the number one spot for the most loved jewelry item.  For many women they are a permanent addition to their ear, never coming off.  Since earrings are worn for long periods of time they must be very comfortable.  It is also important that they are kept securely in place no matter what activities are scheduled for your day.  There are a range of different earring backings that are available; some are very easy to use, whilst others provide more security for your earring.  An example of a very safe earring backing is the screw back.

What Exactly Are They?

As the name implies screw backs refer to an earring back that needs to be screwed rather than pushed into the backing.  The earring post is threaded enabling the backing to be rotated until it is fully screwed onto the earring.  The benefit of this should be quite obvious, you guessed it, it is almost impossible for the backing to unscrew itself, so if you have a precious pair of diamond stud earrings that you want to keep safe, screw backs may be the answer.  I did say “may” be the answer because actually these backs are not suitable for everyone, let’s explain.

A Thicker Post

Screw back earrings tend to have a thicker post than push back earrings because the post needs to have grooves due to the screwing mechanism.  For some people a thicker post may be more uncomfortable.  There is also the additional problem in that screw backs actually take time to put on, hence, if you are the kind of person that is always in a rush, screw backs may not be for you.

Partial Screw Backs – A Compromise

Some screw back earrings are actually partial screw backs, with such backs only the top quarter of the post is threaded, the earring post is also usually thinner.  This makes for a more comfortable option that still has the benefit of providing your diamond stud earrings with plenty of security.  Partial screw backs can be put on by pushing the earring into the backing in the same way as push backs, however, to take the earring out of your ear the backing must be unscrewed.

Earrings that can use Screw Backs

In theory, screw backs can be used for all types of stud earrings, from cheaper stud earrings to three stone diamond stud earrings.  In fact they can also be used for some dangle earrings.  In practice they tend to be used for more expensive diamond earrings as well as for children’s earrings. After purchasing earrings many people will change the backing to one they prefer, if you like the idea of screw backs, simply take your earrings to an experienced jeweler.

Screw backs are an excellent solution as an earring backing for an active woman who likes to wear valuable earrings.  They provide maximum safety and so will give you true peace of mind.  You can even go to sleep with your earrings on, because with screw backs there is absolutely no fear that your earrings will come off on their own accord.  Screw back earrings may require more time to put on and take off, and you do need to ensure that you will find them comfortable.

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