It’s Very Valuable Dust!

The diamonds that we cut, polish and then cherish are only a portion of the world’s supply of these precious stones.  Many of these millions of stones mined each year don’t make the grade and are relegated to become industrial diamonds, with many uses other than for beauty.

Just as imperfect stones with low quality diamond color serve many purposes as industrial diamonds, the same is true for diamond dust.  Diamonds themselves are extremely valuable, as we know, so does the diamond dust also have value?  This must be a rhetorical question because the answer is obviously yes.

Gathering the Dust

When rough diamonds are cut, tiny particles of the diamonds are left over with each cut.  Diamond gemstones have many facets cut into it, some with dozens and dozens of facets, and each one leaves diamond particles called dust.  The diamond dust has the same properties of larger diamonds, but the tiny diamond particles cannot be set into jewelry by themselves.  It is carefully gathered after cutting, and comes to good purpose in many industries.  Since the diamond particles are so tiny, they are mixed with a liquid to cover more area than the solid diamond stones used for industrial purposes.

Cutting, Protecting and Polishing

Tools made with diamond dust are generally high quality and last through a lot of wear and tear.  Diamond dust is spread along cutting tools like saw blades that cut through hard surfaces.  Blades covered with diamond dust are needed for materials like granite, tile and marble that are difficult to saw through efficiently.  The diamond dust makes accurate and precise sawing possible in extremely hard surfaces.  Other tools such as drills and grinders are also covered with diamond dust, making fine work both quicker and more accurate.

Diamond dust also is used as a coating to protect materials from abrasion, and also as a polish to add shine.  Scratch-proof windows, surgical knives, heat sensors, stereo speakers and even cooking pots use a diamond dust coating for protection and to ensure long-lasting durability.  Using a diamond dust polish on your car will give it a long-lasting shine and protect it from scratches.

Personal Care

The beauty industry also uses of diamond dust in ways to help us take good care of our bodies.  Diamond dust particles are used in steel nail files to keep them sharp.  Nail polish that strengthens nails and protects them from chipping include diamond dust as an important ingredient.  Skin care is also known to use diamond dust, to remove old dead skin and invigorate the skin.

Some jewelry is also made by combining diamond dust with quartz crystals.

Every part of a diamond is useful, and all types of diamonds are valuable– even if they possess imperfections like industrial diamonds, and even when they are too tiny to see clearly like diamond dust.

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