A Golden Choice

It’s time to choose the all important engagement ring.  A ring that will express your love and promise your commitment should be a ring of value.  How valuable?  That will depend on your budget and tastes.  However, the engagement ring should definitely be made from a precious metal such as gold and of course the center must be a diamond, after all, it’s not for nothing that a diamond is called a women’s best friend.

If you’re considering a yellow engagement ring you must either be after a diamond with a yellow stone, or an engagement ring made with a yellow gold band.  We’ll discuss both options here.

Yellow Gold Bands

Yellow gold has got to be the most traditional color for an engagement ring.  Surely, you have also been struck by the allure of this “real gold” color.  Just thinking of gold conjures up images of gold bars, riches and royalty.  The richness of the yellow and the shine of gold work together to give the band a luxurious appearance with unparalleled beauty.  Check out the engagement ring shown on the right; the shiny gold color is both enthralling and glamorous, and it provides an excellent contrast to the colorless diamond.

Image: Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring Twisted Band 2 Prong Setting

The Colors of Gold

When deciding on a color for your engagement ring band there are three options to choose from; yellow, white and pink gold.  Are you wondering, how we get different colors of gold?  Good quality jewelry is always made from 18K gold, 75% pure gold and 25% other metals.  The final color is simply a result of the alloys that the pure gold is mixed with.  Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with copper and zinc.

Image: Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring Open Bezel Setting

Why Choose Yellow Gold?

Anyone can wear a yellow gold engagement ring, however, according to the fashion gurus, yellow engagement rings will look best with tanned skin whereas white gold complements lighter tones.  Ultimately the choice comes down to your personal preference, oh, ok, maybe to your other half’s personal preference.

Yellow gold looks great with any style of ring; from plain rings to those with dazzling side diamonds.  Check out the  Pave-Set Solitaire Diamond Ring Open Cathedral Setting shown here, the stunning pave set diamonds really stand out in the yellow gold band.  A really sophisticated and glamorous option, a fantastic way to express your love.

Yellow Diamonds

Of course, there’s another possibility if you are after a yellow engagement ring, albeit, a more expensive option.   That is, a yellow diamond as the center stone.  Naturally colored diamonds are incredibly valuable because they are so scarce.  However, Natural Yellow Diamonds are the most abundant option of all fancy colored diamonds, which means you should be able to get your hands on one, providing you’re willing to pay the price.

No doubt, you’re curious to know exactly how much they cost.  The price of the diamond will depend on the intensity of the yellow color.  A faint 1 carat yellow diamond may cost about $1000, compare this to a vivid yellow diamond which has been known to go for upwards of $35,000.

Diamond Shapes and Setting for Yellow Diamonds

With an engagement ring that incorporates a yellow diamond the light penetration should be minimized.  Too much light weakens the intensity of the natural yellow color.  Diamond shapes like the cushion shaped diamond, shown here, or other squarish shapes are the best options.  Also, choose a setting that restricts light penetration; such as a bezel setting which encases the diamond in a beautiful frame blocking out some of the light.

The Sun Drop Diamond

Interested to know how much the most expensive yellow diamond is worth?  We’ll give you a clue.  The largest naturally colored yellow diamond weighs an incredible 110.3 carats, it has a fancy vivid yellow color and is pear shaped.  Yes, those details should give you an idea of the gem’s value.  It actually sold at an auction for an unbelievable $12.36 million dollars.  So you can probably rule that one out for your engagement ring.

Buy Engagement Rings

Choosing the color of band or color of diamond is only one choice that you’ll have to make before purchasing an engagement ring.  You’ll also need to decide on the diamond setting, the type of band and the quality of diamond.  To help you with have written an engagement ring buying guide which details all the steps that you’ll need to go through before choosing your perfect ring.

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