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Invest in Diamonds with Mazal



Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love.  Diamonds have also been very profitable investments. The prices of diamonds accelerate as money inflates.


Why buy diamonds for investment purposes? Firstly, banks are not the most secure in the aspect of monetary regard. Why put all your money in an institution that can do as they please to it without giving you your fair share? Banks have capitalized on our hard-earned money with minimal interest rewarded to us.


Using the rule of supply and demand, much desired diamonds can be purchased in its different qualities and resold to make more than what it cost you.  


Diamonds are the best form of portable investment.


Diamond jewelry are also very important family investments, often made a part of family heirlooms past down from generation to generation therefore making it more significant than any monetary value.


Diamonds have increased more than 70% in value since 1980 and have stabilized since then with an minimum increase of 5% annually which is a very positive return in today's market.  

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