Don’t Upstage the Wedding Ring!

Women who are getting married have many things to take care of, and one of the big items on the list is getting the wedding ring.  The part of the ceremony where a groom puts the wedding ring on his bride’s finger is a pivotal moment in the ceremony.  Until the time of the wedding, the bride has worn her engagement ring alone.  What should she do with this ring during the ceremony?

Simple Question but So Many Options

Seems like thinking about the engagement ring well in advance of the ceremony will make this part of the service smooth and meaningful.  One of the main rules, if you could call it that, is to not upstage the wedding ring.

Some people incorporate the engagement ring into the wedding ceremony itself, and others keep the engagement ring separate and put it on after the ceremony.  Exploring the different options will help you be prepared and infuse meaning into all aspects of your wedding day.

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1. Transfer the Engagement Ring to the Right Hand

The first option may be the most common.  Many women remove their engagement rings from the left ring finger and place it on the right ring finger for the wedding ceremony.  That leaves their left hand and ring finger free of jewelry during the ceremony, waiting for their groom to place the wedding ring there.

2. Groom Places Both Rings on the Bride’s Hand

This option incorporates the engagement ring into the wedding ceremony.  The bride gives the groom her engagement ring, and he places both the wedding ring and engagement ring on her finger.  The order in which he places the rings may be worked out before the ceremony.  The person officiating the wedding may add a line to the ceremony, proclaiming that “the love that brought these two together will continue to sustain their marriage,” indicating the purpose of each ring.

3. Place the Wedding Ring on Top of the Engagement Ring

You may not wish to take off your engagement ring at all, but keep it in position forever.  If that is the case, the groom puts the wedding on the same finger as the engagement ring.  You may switch the positions of the rings after the ceremony if you want the wedding ring to be placed closer to your heart.

4. Wear Only the Wedding Ring During the Wedding

In some traditions, the bride wears no rings at all during the ceremony until the groom puts the wedding ring on her finger.  If you choose to wear only your wedding ring during the ceremony itself, make sure your engagement ring is in a safe place so you can put it back on right after the wedding.

5. Solder the Rings Together Before the Ceremony

Engagement and wedding ring sets are made to match each other in style and shape.  They can be soldered together for convenience, making them one ring.  If you have a ring set, you may wish to have the rings soldered before the wedding.  The groom then places the complete set of rings on the bride’s hand during the ceremony.

So what will you do?  1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?  Whatever choice you make for your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony, these symbols of love and commitment will stay with you always.

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