Diamond Bracelets

Dozens of pre-set bracelets ..
hundreds of possible combinations.

You're in control like never before.
Experience the Magic of Mazal.
Adorn Your Wrist with Diamonds.
Buying jewelry is all about creating your personal sense of style. Diamond bracelets are a perfect way to add some serious sparkle to your wardrobe and you don't have to spend a ton to look fabulous. We have broken down our bracelet selection into three categories: Diamond Bangles, Diamond Bracelets and Diamond Charm Bracelets. Let's start with the last one, and probably the most in vogue right now. Charms are all the rage. First you can choose the perfect bracelet, available in 3 gold colors and platinum. Then, you can fill it up with any combination of charms, from letters to a wide array of wonderful designs. The other two sections, bangles and bracelets, may look similar on the outside but they are different in one big way. Diamond Bracelets will contour to your wrist while Diamond Bangles will remain rigid. Most of the designs in these three sections feature round brilliant cut diamonds, by far the most popular of all of diamond shapes. In addition, you will see several types of diamond settings used most often, the prong setting and the bezel setting. No matter which styles you choose, all of the work is done in our factory under the oversight of Creative Director Stefano Nicoletti. He also designs all of the pieces. If you have any questions or would like to design your own, Stefano would be happy to work with you. Just contact customer service. From our family to yours, quality & trust is hallmark.
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