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Diamond Bangles

Diamond Bangles
Diamond bangle bracelets are stiff diamond bracelets with a defined shape. They are, most commonly, oval diamond cuffs with an hinge on one side and a clasp on the opposite side. Diamond bangles though can be perfectly round shape to slide over your hand and wrist. Oval diamond bangle bracelets will be easier to wear because they fit more closely to your wrist, where round bangles with diamonds will always slide up and down your arm, following your movements. No matter what your style is, diamond bangle bracelets are a woman's favourite. Thay are the ultimate diamond jewelry piece to complement a woman's jewelry set. Mazal manufactures different styles of diamond bangle bracelets and offers a service of customization, creating diamond bangles to each client measurement specification because a diamond bangle must sit just right on your arm. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to get the diamond bangle that is perfect just for you.
Diamond Clarity:
Featuring Hand Selected Premium Diamonds
Available in Your Choice of Clarity
Select from Luxurious Platinum or 3 Gold Colors

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0.37ct F I1 Diamond Bangle Bracelet Pave-Set
$ 1111
1.21ct F I1 Diamond Bangle Bracelet Pave-Set
$ 2127
1.40ct F I1 Line-and-Dot Diamond Bangle Bracelet
$ 2933
0.65ct F I1 Braided Diamond Bangle Bracelet Pave-Set
$ 1963
0.58ct F I1 Microset Flower-Shapes Diamond Bangle
$ 1541
0.21ct F I1 Diamond Bangle Bracelet Bezel-Set
$ 729
0.42ct F I1 Diamond Bangle Bracelet Pave-Set
$ 1262
1.05 ct Diamond Bangle with Round & Marquise Shaped Milgrain Bezels
$ 2144
1.13ct Diamond Bangle with Round & Square Shaped Milgrain Bezels
$ 2332
7.66ct Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 11932
13.39ct Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 20490
10.15ct F/I1 Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 17194
6.05ct Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 11152
9.65ct Three Twinned Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 17924
2.10ct Micro-set Diamond Bangle
$ 5186
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