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Diamond Chain Bracelets

Diamond Chain Bracelets
Diamond chain necklaces were popular in the 20's but became extremely popular in the late 70's. The possibility to wrap a long chain of diamonds aound the neck is surely a very attractive way to wear jewelry. A long necklace with diamonds can be a beatiful accessory to your favourite pendant, or just adorn a casual outift turning it into a dramatic look. Reminiscent of past times, diamond chain necklaces are statement of style and fashion. Mazal offers many different possibilities in length of chain and number of diamonds. Also, by selecting material and diamond clarity, you have the opportunity to get the diamond necklace of your dreams at the lowest price possible. Diamonds on the chain are nestled in bezels so that the setting will not catch your clothes. Diamond necklaces have an additional allure, their sparkle and brilliance brightens up any outfit and adds an extra glow to your face.
Diamond Clarity:
0.02ct Diamond Rose Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 305
0.06ct Diamond String Bracelet
$ 180
0.02ct Diamond Rose Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 357
0.02ct Diamond Rose Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 0
0.08ct F I1 Diamond Small Fatima Hand
$ 338
0.06ct F I1 Diamond and Tourqoise Eye Chain Bracelet
$ 505
0.13ct F I1 Diamond Peace-Sign Chain Bracelet
$ 417
0.04ct F I1 Diamond Malta Cross Chain Bracelet
$ 258
0.05ct F I1 Diamond Six-Pointed Star Chain Bracelet
$ 240
0.09ct F I1 Diamond Heart Chain Bracelet
$ 320
0.05ct F I1 Diamond Fleur-de-Lis Chain Bracelet
$ 270
0.31ct F I1 Diamond Rose Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 807
0.17ct F I1 Diamond Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 666
0.22ct F I1 Diamond Flower Chain Bracelet
$ 725
0.33ct F I1 Diamond Shamrock Chain Bracelet
$ 992
0.26ct F I1 Diamond Large Peace-Sign Chain Bracelet
$ 856
0.25ct F I1 Diamond Large Six Pointed Star Chain Bracelet
$ 819
0.22ct F I1 Diamond Large Heart Chain Bracelet
$ 777
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