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Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings
Diamond hopp earrings: the word says it all. A circle of diamonds around the ear. One of the most trendy looks in recent fashion. Still it is one of the most ancient designs of earrings. Mazal re-interprets the subject in the most precious and glamorous way. Our wide selection of hoops studded with diamonds will surely attaract anyone's attention. Wear your diamond hoops with your hair up for a more elegant look, or just let them dangle with wind in your hair if you feel a bit gipsy! Diamond hoops are the otpion for younger women. Mazal manufactures a number of different designs that will surely respond to the many differnt needs. Hoop earrings with diamonds at the best possible price online, to fit any budget. If your beloved one is that free spirit, unconventional yet classy, you cannot go wrong with a pair of diamond hoop earrings. Superb in yellow or pink gold, hestatic in white or platinum.
Diamond Clarity:
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1.06ct F I1 Line-and-Dot Petite Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 2134
1.70ct F I1 Line-and-Dot Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 3389
0.98ct F I1 Petite Micropave Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 2082
1.32ct F I1 Micropave Hoop Diamond Earrings
$ 2720
1.54ct F I1 Oval-Shaped Prong-Set Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 2492
0.10ct F I1 Twisted Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 307
0.24ct F I1 Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 653
0.26ct F I1 Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 676
2.17ct F I1 Inside-Out Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 3180
1.62ct F I1 Channel-Set Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 2646
1.82ct F I1 Triple Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 3333
0.35ct F I1 Round-Shaped Diamond Hoop Earrings
$ 860
0.65 ct F I1 Micro Set Inside Out DiamondHoop Earrings
$ 1471
0.92 ct F I1 Cluster Diamond Hoop Earrings Micro Set
$ 1671
0.82 ct F I1 Diamond Hoop Earrings with Circle and Diamond Shaped Bezels
$ 1657
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