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Diamond Huggy Earrings

Diamond Huggy Earrings
Sweet as a hug, essential as your loved one's embrace. Surprise her with diamond huggy earrings, a small circle of diamonds to caress her lobe, to whisper your love with a precious touch of style. Basically similar to hoops, diamond huggy earrings are close fitted diamond earrings which encircle the lobe from back to front. Plain, diamond studded, intricate or simple these earrings are great for low key, comfortable and beautiful options. Great for work or play. Huggy diamond earrings or diamond huggies, no matter how you spell it, they are the same. All of them manufactured with incredible care and attention, knowing that what our hands create will become someone most beloved diamond gift.
Diamond Clarity:
Experience the Magic of Mazal

Choose the Clarity of your Premium Diamonds Choose from Platinum or 3 Gold Colors

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Pave-Set Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 275
Pave-Set Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 429
0.5ct Diamond Braided Hoop Earrings
$ 1356
0.31ct F I1 Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 538
0.68ct F I1 Five-Stone Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 1064
0.49ct F I1 Seven-Stone Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 789
0.08ct Pave-Set Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 355
0.09ct F I1 Heart-Shaped Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 310
1.12ct F I1 Inside-Out Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 1784
1.35ct F I1 Three-Row Diamond Huggy Earrings
$ 2359
0.07ct F I1 Huggy Earrings with Diamond Squares
$ 252
0.91ct F I1 5 Stone Diamond Huggy Earringsin
$ 1662
0.35ct F I1 Nine-Stone Diamond HuggyEarrings
$ 610
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