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About Us

Mazal Diamond is an exceptional Diamond Company which only carries products that meet high-end European standards.  This is accomplished by having sites in
Belgium, Israel, New York, Milan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Mazal Diamond also has had production facilities in Italy, Russia, and China for almost a century.

Employing over 3,000 people our services span through all diamonds and diamond related products.

Our team from Italy and USA is constantly striving for excellence in our work practice as well as in our products.  

We polish only excellent-cut diamonds, which are exported to the most demanding markets all around the world.  

Our diamond jewelry division also serves as a supplier for high-end major companies in USA as well as for some of the most famous American and European jewelry brands.

Mazal Diamond now offers all its experiences and great values of being at the top of the diamond and jewelry industry to our retail and professional customers through  

We know that excellence is what our customers expect and what they deserve.  

We, at Mazal Diamond will settle for nothing less.  

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