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Non-Refurbished guarantee


For the first time on the web we introduce the revolutionary "non-refurbished guarantee".


Mazal Diamond guarantees any purchase from being "second-hand" jewelry. Therefore our valuable customers can rest assure that the jewelry pieces they will proudly own have never been worn by anyone else.


Unlike our competitors that practice the common market rule, which states that any purchase can be returned to the vendor within a given time frame without incurring any fees, we guarantee that the item you purchase was made for you and only you. We understand that a recipient may decide to return the item after a couple of days and usually the vendor must refurbish the item. The item itself will never be as it was when it was first manufactured after the refurbishing process. That is why we, at Mazal Diamond guarantee every customer that the item they purchase from our site was never used and returned and genuinely made just for you.

Wearing a jewelry piece, simply touching it, takes away the perfection, the shine and luster of a brand new piece.


18kt gold (in any tone) and especially platinum are quite ‘soft' materials. They easily get scratches and even wrapping them in rice paper can create flaws on the surface which is nothing a customer who's expecting their jewelry piece would want to see.

Refurbishing a piece of jewelry means to bring the piece itself to its original mint condition.

The jeweler has to remove the scratches, finger prints, dust and dirt. Scratches are tiny grooves on the metal, they are indeed the heaviest damage, and in order to remove them, we use sand paper. Such paper even if with very tight and thin grains, shovels the surface and actually removes as much metal as deep is the scratch. After sand paper the metal needs to be polished with soft wheels and burs. This causes more metal to be removed. Needless to say that after the whole procedure the piece cannot be as it was before refurbish.

Damages of wear and misuse can also be on diamonds. A chipped or scratched diamond must be removed and replaced, and the jeweler again must use burs and abrasive materials to bring the piece back to its original shine.

A simple galvanic bath with rhodium or in ultrasonic machine won't make the jewel look new.

That is why we are proud to offer first-hand, never-worn, non-refurbished jewelry pieces.


How we do it

Mazal Diamond attaches on every one of its pieces of jewelry a thin plastic string with a seal that cannot be removed. If the string and seal are removed or clearly altered in any way, the item is considered as "accepted" by the customer and therefore non-returnable. This helps us ensure the customer is not wearing the item and returning it after its use and it also provides the customer the comfort that any item can be returned for any reason.

Mazal Diamond gives you 10 days to decide whether you are satisfied with your purchase. Should the item meet your expectations, you can remove the seal and string. If you feel as if you would like to return the item, you need to do so within 10 days. After we receive the item, we will verify that the non-refurbished seal has not been altered in any way, and issue a credit for the entire amount of your purchase, not including additional fees.

For detailed instructions on how to return an item, please see our “10 Day Money Back Guarantee” section of our website. 




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