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Posted by The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, February 12, 2010


If you haven't bought your loved one a Valentine's Day gift by now, expect to spend next week sleeping on the sofa, eating canned food, and cleaning out the cat box. Wait! You have one last chance! A revolutionary new website has just launched called Mazal Diamond, which promises to turn the online jewelry business upside down. I went to their website at and found an entertaining assortment of free tools... [See more]





For the first time in the jewelry industry and particularly on the web, a unique method to protect customers from buying second-hand items is launched. At MazalDiamond they’ve been thinking about how to protect their loyal customers, and how to discourage others who deliberately take advantage of today’s customer care regulations, and receive goods from vendors with the “right” to use and return them after they had a ride with it. When it comes down to jewelry, nobody would want to wear a piece (what about buying it?) that a total stranger might have worn for days, just for the fun of it, and then returned it to the vendor (under his/her full right), just because they couldn’t or wouldn’t buy it.


MDS is an easy yet very safe way to preserve the integrity of what a MazalDiamond customer buys.


It’s a seal in red rich lacquer firmly attached to the piece of jewelry in a way that only by cutting the string or remove removing the lacquer, one is able to take the jewel and seal apart. It would be funny to see a woman wearing a stunning pair of diamond earrings with a string and a red lacquer seal hanging! If you see one around… well, you know what to think. 






At, for the first time ever on the web, you can truly customize every purchase! Is there anything better than a tailor made suit or a dress that perfectly fits, with the exact fabric, color and style you were dreaming of? 


Mainly with a jewel, one needs to be careful that whatever he’s buying does fit his pocket as well! At MazalDiamond you can have your perfectly customized jewel utilizing a series of very user-friendly and interactive features which give any customer the possibility to select size, length, carat weight, color and clarity of diamonds. This allows him or her to meet their budget. The interactive selection buttons on the item page will immediately show you how much selecting four different parameters (have you ever heard of the 4C’s?) the price changes, as the parameters change.


This is a totally new experience for web shoppers which will draw millions of skeptical web site users who today, for the first time with MazalDiamond, can truly see, select and decide with ease and comfort what they are buying!  


Other similar jewelry web sites offer the opportunity to build a jewel, select a diamond and associate it with a mounting (be it a ring, pendant or earrings). However, if you can not or do not want to waste time in a clumsy research you can only buy what they offer: no options, no discussions. At MazalDiamond they are crazy enough to offer you the same possibility (with a totally new, fresh and captivating approach) and beside that you can customize every single piece! Form the most fashionable earring, to the most classic wedding ring you can adjust quality and characteristics of the jewel you love to your budget: no limits! 


Welcome to jewelry tailor making! 



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